Jackson Ohio Specialties

Jackson, Ohio has wonderful food offerings.  While we were there, we tasted everything from Amish baked goods (huge glazed donuts and pecan roll) and fresh produce, to my sister and brother-in-law’s delicious cooking, to Sonic’s drive-up car service.  (We do not have Sonic in Rochester, but we see their tantalizing commercials.)  In addition, we feasted on the two dishes for which Jackson is famous.

Jackson Veals are sandwiches made from pork tenderloin, pounded flat, breaded and fried.  The huge tenderloins are much bigger than the large hamburger buns on which they are served, even hanging over the edges of the serving plates.  The “veals” come with ketchup and pickles.  I have never tasted anything like these sandwiches.  I remembered them from previous visits and could hardly wait to taste one again.  I have never seen them served anywhere outside of Jackson County.

There is another specialty that seems to be unique to Jackson.  At Michael’s Ice Cream (which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary), there is a dish called a “Bubble.”  A Bubble is a sundae, but it is more than a sundae.  This fantastic dessert is served in a sundae glass, with a plate underneath to catch the overflow.

The Bubble is made with chocolate sauce, french vanilla ice cream, marshmallow sauce, and fresh home-roasted peanuts.  The home made marshmallow sauce is not the typical thick marshmallow that other ice cream places put on sundaes.  It is a delicious light topping that oozes down the sides of the sundae glass and pools on the plate.

The peanuts, which have a distinctive flavor that complements the sweetness of the ice cream, are heaped both on top of the Bubble and on the plate.  The sundae glass is so full that the first dip of the spoon can cause an overflow for the unsuspecting diner.  This is no problem, since the plate is there to catch all drips, which combine with the peanuts in a delightful treat.

The story goes that original owner Joe Michael ordered a popcorn machine but received a peanut roasting machine instead.  He decided to keep it and Michael’s has been famous for its roasted peanuts (and its Bubbles) ever since.

My sister was good enough to ensure that we tasted both of Jackson’s tasty specialties the last time we visited.  We have not seen either treat outside of Jackson, and we were more than happy to try them again on our visit this weekend.  Both offerings were as great as we remembered.  Jackson, Ohio can be proud.


9 thoughts on “Jackson Ohio Specialties

  1. I moved to Dallas 2 years ago. My dad’s family resides in Jackson, and I make it a point to visit everytime I am back in Ohio. It’s like a 2nd home. My uncle Kim owns Lewis Drugstore right down the street from Michael’s. Since I was old enough to talk, I remember eating veals and bubbles. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving, about 40 of the “Jones Clan” (my family) hit up the Corner Pub for one of these delicious sandwiches, and then we head right around the corner for a bubble. I will probably serve bubbles instead of cake at my wedding one day. Thanks so much for this post…it really took me back home ❤

  2. Hey, Belinda!

    I’ve had something from my husband’s home town like the veals – they just call them pork tenderloins or just tenderloins. But they are delish! Pork tenderloins that have been pounded flat, breaded and fried. In fact, my sister-in-law buys them uncooked and then fries them in her home. ‘Seems to me we put condiments on them like hamburgers. My youngest, Joe, just mentioned them the other day. I first had them at the bowling alley in Ottawa, Illinois, near my husband’s hometown of Marseilles. So, I guess local eateries have them there and you can prepare in your own home, too. I’ve never heard of a bubble and neither has Jim. ‘Sounds yummy, too.

    • Do they serve the pork tenderloin sandwiches with ketchup and pickles? That is how the veals come in Jackson. They are so good, but I hate to think how many grams of fat each one contains. Same with the bubbles. I’m kind of glad we can’t get either of these treats around here!

  3. My husband and I are from Jackson, Ohio! I saw this blog on twitter and couldn’t believe it. We live in Franklin, TN now. But you are SOOO right. The veals and the bubbles are the BEST. My kids absolutely LOVE to go to Michael’s for a bubble. My daughter wants to go to Jackson to buy a dress at Andrea’s for homecoming this year. I’m sorry to hear about your vision. I like your blog. You sound like a very brave a creative woman.

    Pam Angel

    • Hi Pam. how funny that you caught the post about Jackson. I’m so glad you commented and let me know. I don’t know why the veals and bubbles are only available in Jackson when they are so good! Thanks for writing and I hope you visit my blog again.

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