Developing Blind Photography

I have been working on improving my photography and editing skills for a few months now.  I pay more and more attention to the the scene in front of me.  I try to feel the sunshine and think about how shadows will affect the image.  I believe I am beginning to have a better eye when I edit.  I still have a lot of shots that are no good, but I am also finding many photos that I really like.

About three weeks ago, I decided to take the plunge and commit to starting a photoblog and posting one photo each day.  My photoblog is called PhotoInsights.  My original plan was to post only brand new photos.  At first, thought, I had a hard time finding a photo for each day, so I had to make a decision.  I could either go a day without posting or I could post a couple of photos that I had already used in this blog.  I decided not to get bogged down in rules, so I pulled out a couple of old photos and posted them. Now that I am in the rhythm of the photoblog, I have not had trouble finding a new photo for each day.  I always have my camera with me and can pull it out at a moment’s notice.  I did that the other day when I noticed that the sky looked peculiar and the air felt really heavy.  I was rewarded with this photo:

I hope that taking, editing and posting a photo each day will help me to develop my eye and my skills.  I am hoping to get feedback on the photos.  Please check out the photos I have posted so far and feel free to comment.  Directly beneath each photo, there is a place to “Rate” it.  There is also a “Like” button under the photo information for any that are particularly pleasing.

The other challenge that I have posed for myself is on my List of 50 Things I would like to do before my birthday.  Number 36 is Enter a Contest.  I saw a notice for a photo contest called “Reflection.”  I immediately thought of a swan photo that had a beautiful reflection.

swans at turning point

I took a deep breath and sent it off.  I was notified today that I won!  I am so glad that I overcame my fear of failure and entered.  Entering the contest felt great and winning felt even better!

I am grateful that I learned that photography can be a tool for people with low vision.  It has changed my ability to see the world and it has taught me to use all my senses to notice the beauty around me.  Blind photography has really opened up a new world to me.  I am excited to keep developing my interest and become a true visual artist.


17 thoughts on “Developing Blind Photography

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  3. Good for you Belinda. The Swan picture is beautiful. I’m not surprised it won. Keep on having fun with your photography. It’s fun to see your pictures!

  4. This is a mystery. As I understant it, a blind person can’t see, so what is blind photography. Just how much CAN you see? How do you point the camera and edit pictures? It must be that you are low visioned. What editor do you use and is it low vision friendly? What editing tools do you use?

    I ask all these questions because my eyes are going and your answers may help me and others with low vision.

    • Hello and thank you for writing. You are correct that I am not blind. I have low vision, deteriorating because of MMD. Luckily for me, “Blind Photography” is a name given to photography by anyone who is visually impaired. The camera is used to bring the world, which is usually out of focus, into focus through enlargement on the computer screen. While there are photographers who are completely blind, the activity is not so narrowly defined. I use a variety of editing tools. None of them are specifically for people who are visually impaired. I mostly use Photoshop or Picasa, depending on how much editing I want to do to an image. You will find a lot of helpful people in the blindphotographers group on flickr. Good luck with you exploration of blind photography. I hope it opens your world as much as it has opened mine. Please keep in touch and let me know how it is going.

  5. Many congratulations on the competition win. That swan photo is so beautiful!

    Your writing is always a delight to read, and this post is outstanding.

  6. I love the swan photo !!! There is nothing better than mother and child 🙂

    I am looking forward to more wonderful photos !!

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