If God Is For Us

Thought Conditioners have helped me to change my attitudes and negative thinking.  After memorizing these short scripture passages years ago, I find them popping into my head at times when I need them.  I decided to revisit these gems and have written a few reflections on them in this blog.  Today I have been thinking about Thought Conditioner #9.

If God is for us, who can be against us? —Romans 8:31

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed when tasks and stressful situations pile up.  It seems like I am trapped, and I don’t know how to turn things around.  If I let negative thinking take over, I can begin to believe that everything in the universe is working against me.  This thinking is not helpful, and it can be turned around with this little scripture.

At times when it seems like difficulties are stacking up against me, I like to imagine each stressful item in my life as a balloon.  Then. I say this sentence once for each balloon – If God is for us, who can be against us.  Each time I say it, I imagine one balloon popping.  By the time all of the balloons are gone, my perspective has usually changed and I believe in my ability to handle whatever life sends my way.

If God is for me, who (or what) can be against me?  I believe that good will prevail in my life.  If I am having a bad moment, or a bad day, or even a bad week, I know that grace will eventually turn things around.  This thought conditioner reminds me that I believe that God is good and loves me and is on my side.  With God’s help, barriers will be torn down and tasks will be completed and situations will be overcome.  Most importantly, my attitude will change from pessimistic to optimistic.

Letting this thought conditioner sink into my subconscious mind helps me to persevere when times are tough.  No matter what seems to be against me, I know that everything will work out. This is not just wearing rose-colored glasses or being pollyanna or having a sunny disposition.  It comes from knowing that God will help me get through whatever hard times I find myself in, from knowing that I will come out stronger and with better understanding.


2 thoughts on “If God Is For Us

  1. This reflection directly relates to the movie “Pollyanna”. Rejoice and reflect on gladness. I am truly blessed by your friendship!

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