Sensory Garden Found

Today, on the way home from visiting my Dad, John and I decided to try to stop at a park that is on my list of Rochester area parks.  Summer is winding down and I have a lot of parks left to visit, so it seemed like a good day to cross one more park off the list.  Mendon Ponds Park was not too far out of our way, so we stopped.  As we pulled in, John pointed out a sign that said “Sharon’s Sensory Garden.”  No way! After our fiasco looking for the sensory garden in Niagara Falls, could there really be one right here, so close to home?  There is and it is wonderful.

There are actually several gardens near the entrance to the park.  We passed a butterfly garden and saw a bluebird path.  I worried that this sensory garden would be impossible to find, like the one in Niagara Falls, but it was not.  The garden is well marked, with signs in both English and Braille.  The path was smooth.  Several signs encouraged touching the plants.  The garden was full of sensory delights.  The smell of lavender filled the air.

The garden contained a nice patch of Lamb’s Ear, which is delightful to touch.

An intoxicating scent filled the air.  I think it was Honeysuckle.

We spent a lot of time smelling and touching the plants and letting our senses be delighted.  Then we turned around and saw that we had an observer.

This little guy was intent on watching us, but another bigger observer also had her eye on us.

The deer showed no fear of us.  She calmly watched us and then, as if finding us quite boring, she wandered away.

Neither John nor I remember these gardens being part of Mendon Ponds Park when we have visited before.  Perhaps it was always there but we never went in this particular entrance.  Perhaps it is a new development.  Either way, I am thrilled to find that it is there.  It is another gem that I might not have uncovered if I had not put “Visit Rochester Area Parks” on my list of 50 things I want to do this year.  It is another example of what a blessing this journey into low vision has become.


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