7 Gifts Of Fall

I have always loved the spring.  I have always loved the summer.  It has only been during the last few years, however, that I have begun to love the fall.  Here are seven reasons why I have fallen in love with autumn.

1) Cool, crisp nights.  Gone are the summer nights when it was too hot to sleep.  Now, the temperature drops at night, making it perfect for sleeping.

2) The changing colors of leaves.  Nature’s paintbrush turns the green of summer into a glorious spectacle – reds, yellows, oranges.  Trees are ablaze with color.

3) Perfect weather for walking.  Not too hot, not too cold, just right for nice, long walks.  Added to the pleasure of fall walks are the gorgeous colored leaves that crunch underfoot.

4) Fires.  Bonfires in the fire pit.  Fires in the fireplace.  Now that the heat of summer has subsided, we can really enjoy the warmth and beauty of a fire.

5) Soft, comfortable sweaters and sweatshirts come out of storage.  I love wrapping myself in the comfort of a warm sweater on a cold day.

6) A nice pair of fuzzy slippers.  Is there anything nicer than snuggling cold tootsies into warm, fuzzy slippers?  I am ready to trade my flips flops in for my new pink slippers.

7) Fall fruits and veggies.  I know that we live in a culture where all kinds of fruits and vegetables are available at all times, but locally grown, seasonal offerings are the best.  Apples, butternut squash, concord grapes, brussel sprouts are all wonderful gifts of fall.


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