Teeny Tiny Herb Garden

I have wanted to start an herb garden since we moved into our house.  I had a really nice herb garden at our house in Bath, but then I lost control of the mint and it overpowered everything.  I was excited to start over (with no mint) when we moved, but never got around to planting any herbs.  We have lots of flowers in gardens around our house, but no herbs or veggies of any kind.  I put “Make a (small) nice herb garden” on my List of 50 Things I would like to do, because I miss having fresh herbs to pick whenever I want them.

My friend, Dee Dee, gave me lots of advice about the herb garden.  She helped me decide which herbs could be planted in late summer, to get a head start for next year.  I told her about the spot I had planned to put my herbs, and she thought it sounded like a good place.  John and I have a small patio in our backyard, with a six inch wide strip of garden between the patio and a fence.  I thought that tiny strip might be an ideal spot to put some tasty herbs.  When I visited my sister in Ohio, we went to an Amish greenhouse and I picked up four herb plants – oregano, chives, rosemary, and parsley.  I really want rosemary in my herb garden.  The rosemary did not look too good, but the greenhouse had only one plant left. So, I decided to give it a try.  The plants were a little worse for wear after their car ride from Ohio, but they all looked like they would survive.

I cultivated the soil as Dee Dee had suggested, mixing in some new, dark, rich soil, and planted the herbs.  At first, they looked a bit forlorn.  I have been watering them and fertilizing them and watching them and they are really beginning to flourish.  I am excited to watch my tiny herb garden grow.  I love to smell and touch and taste the leaves.  In the spring, I will add some other types of herb plants along the fence.  Maybe I will even find a place, far away from my herbs, to add a patch of mint.  Next summer we will be able to add fresh herbs to our meals.  That’s a happy thought.


4 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Herb Garden

  1. I planted a herb garden this year for the first time since Bath also! I planted basil, oregano, and rosemary. I planted them in individual planters and placed all three in a grape box. They have done very well and have over filled the box. I am wondering what to do with them..bring the grape box inside or put them in the basement and see what happens..I did not realize they would come back next spring…..hmm. Thanks for sharing your herb garden with us 🙂

    • Hah, we are in sync. I think the oregano and rosemary will do okay over the winter. I know chives are very hardy, so at least that should survive for me. My friend said that I should wait and plant the basil in the spring, to give it plenty of time to get established. I will definitely try planting that, because I love fresh basil. I started really late, so I don’t know what kind of success I will have. Sounds like yours have a better chance, since they are already overflowing the box.

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