Fun Date #1

Today John and I went on a date.  On my List of 50 Things, #15 was “Plan an inexpensive date with my husband.”  When I made the list, I thought that sounded like so much fun that I added “(or maybe even two!)” to the entry.  Let me admit, right now, that I am not the creative date type. A couple of weeks ago, I challenged myself to come up with two fun, inexpensive dates that we could go on.  The first of the two dates was a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  After I planned it, we scheduled it on the calendar, so that it would actually happen.  Today the date arrived.

Planning a Photo Scavenger Hunt for the two of us was not difficult.  I came up with a list of items that we had to find. I found lots of scavenger hunt lists on the internet.  I went through them and selected 20 items that I thought would be fun and easy (or at least not impossible) to find.  We were not going to be competing, but working together to help make sure that we each found all 20 items.  The only rule that I really had was that we could not both take a picture of the same object.  After John and I looked over the list this morning, we decided to add a second rule.  As much as possible, we would stay within the city limits to take our photos.  So, with lists and cameras in hand, we set off on our scavenger hunt.  I had my trusty point and shoot digital camera and John used the phone on his camera.

We had a really fun time.  Our date lasted about four hours this afternoon.  The only money we spent was for a little bit of gas.  We did not leave the City of Rochester  For the most part, we each came up with our own interpretation of each item.  Some of the items were very hard to find, but we persevered and, finally, we each found every item on the list.  We helped each other a lot and we were definitely fair when we were trying to decide who would get to take each picture.  The Scavenger Hunt tested our knowledge of Rochester landmarks and sights.  We did a little backtracking, but we mostly knew where to find the things we were looking for.

Tonight, John and I each went through our own photos, deciding which shots to use.  We have not yet shared them with each other.  I think that is going to be as much fun as finding the items and taking the pictures.  I can hardly wait to see how John’s photos turned out and to show him mine.  That will be icing on the cake to a great date.


6 thoughts on “Fun Date #1

  1. How fun! I believe that there are so many things you can do that don’t cost a lot of money. Your blue butterfly photo is awesome! Have been so busy so have not been able to read many posts and finally sat down and checked in. I miss your blog when I don’t check in. You give me a sense of reality. Just wanted you to know that again (smiling)

    • Hi Pam. Nice to hear from you. I love that blue butterfly photo. It took me so long to get it – he would NOT open his wings for the longest time. I just stood and waited and finally HOORAY he opened them and I snapped the photo. Glad you had time to stop by my blog!

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