Scavenger Hunt

As I said in yesterday’s post, John and I went on a date that I planned – a Photo Scavenger Hunt.  We each had a camera (my point and shoot digital and his phone camera) and we worked together so that we could each get a picture of everything on the list of 20 items I had created.  I made one rule: that we could not both take a picture of the same object.  Together, we decided to add a second rule: we would not leave the City of Rochester during our hunt.  We had a lot of fun finding our items.  I thought I would share our photos with you.  For each item, you will see two photos side by side.  Mine will be on the left and John’s will be on the right.  If you would like to see a larger image of any picture, just click on it.

Here is the list of the things we were looking for, along with our photos.

1.      A Blue Door

My door is one of the entrances to Parkleigh Pharmacy.  John’s door is the side door to our house.  When I was making the list, I forgot that we have blue doors on our own house.

2.      A Big Clock

Luckily for us, downtown Rochester offers LOTS of big clocks.  Mine is at St. Joseph’s Place and John’s is at Spot Coffee.  John thought of Spot Coffee right away.  Then, he noticed the clock tower at St. Joseph as we were driving and said I could have that one.

3.      You and Your Reflection

When I made the list, I imagined that we would find our reflections in quiet pools of water.  Hah!  No time for finding quiet pools, we used the first mirrors that we found – mine right in the car and John’s at Rainbow clothing store.

4.      Train Tracks

When we were near the train station, I saw a train and told John to STOP, but there were cars right behind us, so I took this photo on the fly through the windshield.  John’s tracks are on Ridgeway Avenue by Lily Street.  I love that he snapped those two cars crossing the tracks.

5.      Smell

Same idea, different flowers.  I took a self-portrait smelling a rose at Maplewood Rose Garden while John did the same with a patch of lavendar.  We had to laugh when we shared our photos.  Great minds think alike.

6.      Red Shoes

Now, red shoes are not usually hard to find in the city.  I see women wearing them all the time, so I was sure that we would see someone walking down the street in red shoes.  No such luck.  We finally gave up and went to Rainbow, a clothing store in our neighborhood.  There was no shortage of red shoes there.

7.      Music

We could not find any outdoor concerts or anyone playing an instrument, so I snapped a photo of some sheet music and John found this sign at the Highland Bowl.  Neither is exactly what I imagined when I put music on the list, but they fit the category, so we crossed them off our lists.

8.      Doing Exactly What The Sign Says

I thought that this would be a fun item, but I could not find a sign about DOING something, only lots of signs about NOT doing something.  I was really hoping for an “Eat Pizza” sign, so that I could obey.  John did great finding a photo for this category – it was impossible for him to be going a speed other than the one on the sign, since it was posting his speed.

9.      Bridge

Rochester has many beautiful bridges.  Mine is the Broad Street Bridge and John’s is the Ford Street Bridge.

10.   Outdoor Sculpture

I had a different sculpture in mind when I saw this item on the list, and I had even already photographed it, when I spotted this sculpture at the County Courthouse.  It brought me a surge of emotion when I saw it and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  I have to try to find out more about it.  John’s great statue is one of the “Horses on Parade” series.  We found it on East Avenue.

Wow!  This post is already 700 words long, and I still have ten more items to go.  I think I will close here for today and continue with more photos tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. This is really enjoyable to read and both sets of pictures are great. I LOVE your self portrait with the flower. It’s my favorite so far. I’m interested to see the second half of the list too. Maybe I will make up a photo hunt for Bob and I to do this fall. Fun Times!

    • Thanks, Marge. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I will put the rest of the photos up later today. The post ended up being so long. I do love the self-portrait. I usually don’t like pics of myself, but the rose kind of draws your eye to it, so I don’t mind so much. I think it turned out nice, but it was so hard to get the camera in the right place. I don’t know how teens get their pics of themselves to come out centered nicely. Practice, I guess. The scavenger hunt was a fun date and I encourage you guys to try it. It’s a fun way to be creative and silly and adventurous. Plus, I saw some things in Rochester that I had never noticed before.

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