Scavenger Hunt Part 2

My post today is the conclusion of the Scavenger Hunt post I began yesterday.  John and I went on a Photo Scavenger Hunt and each took a photo of every item on the list.  If you missed the description of the Hunt, you can read yesterday’s post (with items 1-10) or Saturday’s post (that described the Scavenger Hunt date).

11.   Something That Begins with the Letter L

As we were driving down St. Paul, I was saying “something that starts with L, something that starts with L,” when I shouted LIBRARY!  We drove by and John yelled “Lips!”  We had to drive around the block to get both shots, but we both managed to find items for this category at the same time.

12.   Someone in Uniform

No shortage of people in uniform in the city.  We saw bus drivers, Border Patrol agents, and McDonald’s workers, but we finally settled on police officers (me) and a DEC agent (John).

13. Something Interesting

I love this little house that is part of the bigger house behind it.  I would love to know its story.  We spied this on Park Ave, just after I snapped my Blue Door photo, so I had my camera ready.  John’s photo was taken behind the Maplewood Y, where they are doing major renovation.  We realized, when we looked at our pictures, that they are each a little “house” in front of a bigger “house.” Interesting.

14. Mural or Graffiti

We were at Midtown, and when we read this category, we both said “Clinton Avenue,” because there is so much beautiful street art along Clinton.  Before we even got to Clinton, though, John found his mural on the side of the Sibley building.  Mine is one of several panels on the side of a store on Clinton Ave.

15. Swing Set

Okay, we cheated on this one.  I had no idea that most playgrounds do not contain swingsets.  We saw jungle gyms and climbing towers, but no swing sets.  Finally, near the end of our date, we gave in and both took pictures of the playground at Flower City School, right around the corner from our house.  At least our photos have different perspectives.

16. Something Yellow

For this one, our photos could not be more different.  My big, yellow truck was parked in the Tops parking lot and John’s beautiful yellow rose was in the Maplewood Rose Garden.  By the way, I can not believe that the roses are still abundant and gorgeous at the Rose Garden.

17. Sitting on the Courthouse Steps

Two courthouses, two photos.  I took a picture of John on the steps of the County Courthouse and he took a picture of me at City Hall.  Rochester is a very cooperative city, to offer more than one courthouse.

18. VW Beetle or PT Cruiser

Unexpectedly, this was the hardest item on the list to find.  Apparently, people in the City of Rochester do not drive VWs.  We searched all day – streets, parking lots, parking garages.  No VWs and  very few PT Cruisers. Finally, John found a blue one and I found a dark purple one.  What a struggle.

19. Two Things That Rhyme

Here is another one that I underestimated the difficulty.  John was hoping for a tyke on a trike, but no luck.  We were driving around saying “hat…cat” and “man…van” and “restaurant…hmm.”  Finally, John got Car + Bar and I found Gas + Grass.  I wish I could have been more creative.

20.   An Angel

This item contained our only dispute.  John announced that there was an angel at St. Michael on Clinton at Clifford.  We drove there and I could not resist taking a photo.  Then, we had a hard time finding another angel.  I had a little internal struggle about stealing John’s object.  Then he thought of going to Mt. Hope Cemetery, where he knew we would find lots of angels.  Luckily, he found one he liked a lot, because I love my photo of St. Michael.

Our “date” officially ended when we sat down to share our photos.  We had a great time comparing photos and remembering our Hunt.  I am proud that I orchestrated this fun date.  I think it’s the most creative (and inexpensive) date I have ever come up with.

Since we had so much fun, I thought I would invite other people to join our Scavenger Hunt.  I’ve published my list on this post and yesterday’s post.  All you need to do is find one item that matches each category.  You can do the entire Scavenger Hunt or a mini-Hunt (where you only find a few of the items).

When you have your pictures, please share them with me.  I have set up the LVGI Scavenger Hunt Group on flickr, an online photo sharing site.  (LVGI = Losing Vision Gaining Insight.)  You can join the Scavenger Hunt at flickr by clicking here. If you already have a flickr account, just join the group.  If not, you will have to register with flickr –  it is free.  Just join, upload you photos to your photostream, and them add them to the Scavenger Hunt Group.  If you have any trouble, please let me know.  I think it will be really fun if you join us on our scavenger hunt.


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