Fun Date #2

We had a wonderful time, today, on the second “date” that I planned.  I found the idea online on a “free and inexpensive” date website and I knew it sounded like something we would both enjoy.  A few weeks ago we marked today as “Brownie Date.”  This afternoon, John and I worked together to make two batches of brownies and a batch of cookies.  John read all the instructions and we collaborated on the measuring, mixing, and baking.  After everything cooled, we made up some plates of the treats.

When our son, Ben, found out what we were doing, he asked if he could join us.  We decided to turn our “date” into a “special time” with Ben.  We brainstormed which friends we would take the plates of treats to, and we were off.  Because the baking and cooling took a little longer than we had expected, we limited our deliveries to friends who live nearby.  We thought that we would have fun dropping off the plates and hoped that we would find our friends at home.

Everyone that we visited was so pleased to receive their treats.  They thanked us and seemed so happy.  The treats were such a small gift, but they were so appreciated.  We only spent about five minutes at each house, but I felt like we did a really great thing.

All three of us felt so lighthearted during the deliveries.  We were talking and laughing during the drive between houses.  The spirit and energy in our car was amazing.  We agreed that this was even more fun than we had expected.  After we dropped off the last plate, we ended our special time by going out to dinner.  The restaurant was crowded and it took a long time to get our meals, but during that time we continued our amazing conversation and laughed a lot.

I feel so blessed tonight.  I am glad that Ben wanted to go with and I am so thankful that we included him in our deliveries.  I am glad that our friends were all home.  We got to see them and hug them and tell them that we love them.  We were blessed to see the happiness in their eyes as they received their unexpected treats.  It was completely win-win-win.  It took so little effort to make the brownies and cookies and making them was great fun for us.  It felt so great to make our friends happy.  The energy of giving away those little plates of treats carried us through the dinner, like we were riding a wave of joy.  I believe that we received so much more than we gave.


2 thoughts on “Fun Date #2

  1. First of all- I wish that I lived closer to receive one of those special plates of delicious treats!! BUT, more important, this clearly shows us that bringing joy to ourselves and others can be so simple…as little as 5 minutes sometimes. Think of what the world would be like if everyone strived to bring joy to someone everday….and if it was as simple as a hug, a smile, a quick “how are you” phone call to an elderly person, we could all strive for five :)……….Thank you 🙂

    • Becky, you don’t know how much I wish you lived close enough that I could drop over with a plate of brownies! I miss those days when we were in and out of each others’ houses. Also, thank you for your words of wisdom. The world would be a better place if we each did the things you suggest. I learned a good lesson with the brownie “date” and I hope I can continue to grow in looking for small ways to bring joy into the world. Thanks.

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