Progress Check

It’s hard to believe that it is already the beginning of October.  The months are flying by and I thought it would be good to check in on my list.  Today seemed like a good time to evaluate my progress.

1. Visit the Thousand Islands.- hmmm, this trip is not looking good.  Unless we can sneak away for a fall weekend, I think this trip down memory lane is going to have to wait until next summer.

2.  Go through my craft materials and donate the things I will never use. – I spent a few hours, went through my fabrics, and took them to a second-hand crafts store, so I am on my way to completing this one.  I have a pile of craft supplies to go through, though, one of these days.

3, 4, 5.  Done, Done, Done

6.  Improve my photography / editing skills- Working on this through my photoblog – PhotoInsights (please look through and vote for your favorites) and on flickr.  It’s hard for me to judge whether I am improving, but i am having fun.

7.  Pet a lamb. – We tried but I think this will have to wait until next spring.

8, 9. Done and Done

10.  Plant a patch of daffodils or tulips somewhere unexpected. – Now is the time for this one.  I bought some tulip bulbs that I want to plant in the park near our house.  Shhh, don’t tell.

11.  Rent a limo and take a winery tour with friends. – Working on this one, but it has been hard to find a date.

12.  Paint the living room. – Not even close.

13.  Done

14.  Have lunch with an old friend. – No luck on this one.

15.  Done!

16.  Sort projects into two piles – “worth finishing” and “hopeless”. – Started doing this, but I have projects scattered all over the house and I need to gather them up.

17.  Throw away the “hopeless” pile. – Way harder than I imagined.

18, 19, 20, 21, 22. Great! All done.

23.  Sell something on etsy. – Lots to do for this one.

24.  Watch an old movie. – Has not worked out yet.

25, 27. Done

26.  Learn a new skill. – hmmm. I don’t think so.

28.  Donate blood. – Yeah, right.

29, 30, 31, 32. Done

33.  Write a fan letter to someone famous.  I have someone picked out, just need to write the letter.

34.  Stand under a waterfall. – Oh, dear, should have done this when the weather was warm.

35.  Plan one “special time” with each of my children. – How did I neglect to do this?

36, 37 Done

38.  Write an article and submit it to a publication. – Working on it.

39.  Clean closets and donate to charity. – Half done.

40.  Go canoeing. – Maybe next summer.

41.  Spend time birdwatching. – hmmm, sort of.

42.  Clean the basement. – Good job to save for winter.

43.  Have a picnic. – oops.

44, 46, 48, 50.  Done

45.  Tour a brewery. – This should be fun.  I have to get it on the calendar.

47.  Make jelly or jam. – It’s time!

49.  Take a yoga class. – Working on it.

By my estimation, I am more than halfway through my list.  I may have missed out on the more “fair weather” activities, but I am working my way through.

I find that having this list is very helpful.  I have completely enjoyed those that I have completed.  I am not stressing out over the items that are hard to complete.  It is really providing a nice kind of framework for my time.  After looking over my progress, I see some items that I really want to make a priority.  I am looking forward to checking more items off soon.


4 thoughts on “Progress Check

  1. Hey I know it’s not the same, but if you’re lazy (and cheap) like me, you can go to and watch yoga videos for free. I love yoga these days but I’m way too lazy (and cheap!) to actually go to a class. Netflix has some good yoga classes on instant watch too.

    • Hi Nikki. I’ve tried yoga videos but I always think I am doing the poses wrong. I need the instructor to be there to tell me the proper way to do them. That’s my excuse anyway. lol. I do have a nice relaxing yoga video that I should dig out and try again, though. Thanks for the reminder.

      • I’ve been thinking a lot lately during my yoga that it would be the perfect addition to camp! I even told Brian that when we have a family of our own we’re going to family camp and I’m going to get good enough at yoga to volunteer to lead a class each morning or evening for any who want to join. I alway imagine myself at camp when I close my eyes during the relaxation part and I can’t imagine a more perfect place for renewal. It would be so perfect to do before breakfast as the sun is coming up, what a beautiful way to start each amazing day!

      • Nikki, I agree that yoga works well at camp. In fact, Sheri offers a Contemplative Retreat at Koinonia that includes a lot of yoga. I can just imagine how nice it would be if you and Brian come to camp some day with your children. It will complete the circle, won’t it? I am going to dig out that yoga dvd and try it again, to hold me over until I can get to a class.

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