Dashboard Insight

Each morning, as I am getting ready for work, I take just a second to check my blog’s “dashboard”.  Usually I have received about 10 views overnight.  Yesterday (Monday) morning, I was shocked to see that I had 43 views at 7:00am.  By the time I arrived at work, I was up to 75 views.   I did not know what was going on, but I was happy to see those numbers.  The numbers made me think about the dashboard.

My blog’s dashboard gives me a lot of information.  It tells me how many views my blog has received and, if I click on that number, it tells me the exact number of views for each post.  For example, when I had 10 views on Sunday morning, 5 of them were for that day’s post Climbing The Stairs, 2 were for the previous post,  October, and two were for older posts – 1 for Avastin and 1 for Blind Photography.  On days when there are views of my About page, I am happy to think that a new reader has visited and wants to find out who I am.

My dashboard also gives me a list of “Referrers.”  Many people come to my blog from Facebook, some from Twitter, others from a great variety of other sources.  It’s interesting to see all the various places that send people to my blog.

The part of my dashboard that I love to look at is the “Search Engine Terms” section.  People put all kinds of words and phrases into Google and other search engines and, somehow, end up at one of my blog posts.  A lot of people are looking for “Avastin.”  I understand this, because I ran right home from my doctor’s office and googled “Avastin” when I was told I would need a shot.  Some people search for my name or the name of my blog.  Others find their way to me through more obscure searches – “photographing silverware” comes up almost every day (believe it or not) because of my post Silverware Still Life, along with “blind photography,” and “vision.”  I am also happy to see that people find me when they search for words like “inspiration for bad day,” and “i will give you rest,” and “good news about,” and “counting blessings.”

My dashboard, of course, lets me know when anyone comments on my blog.  This is so wonderful to me, that people will take the time to write a few words of encouragement and support or ask a question or add their own thoughts to the conversation.  I also get to see some of my spam comments, which can be very funny and strange.

At the bottom of my dashboard is a button that shows me how many subscribers I have (29), how many total posts I have (200) and how many comments I have received (870 – but half of those are my own responses to comments).  I encourage you to click on the “subscribe” button if you enjoy my blog, so that you can receive regular updates.  The dashboard also lets me know that my busiest day ever was June 21, 2010 with 390 views.  I have no idea what was going on that day!  I average about 90 views each day.  I try not to worry too much about the numbers, but I consider it a really good day for my blog when it goes over 100.

I love my blog’s dashboard.  It intrigues me to think about the people who are visiting my blog.  I would love it if more people would comment. Please feel free to just say hi and tell me who you are.  I have hope that my blog will grow.  Here comes a little shameless promotion for my blog.  You can help me with growing this blog.  If you like a post, please share it on Facebook or Twitter or StumbleUpon.  It is very easy – there is a “Share” button at the bottom of each post that allows anyone to share in the way(s) they are most comfortable.  If you are on Facebook, you can “like” my page there and suggest or share that page with your friends as well.

The most important thing to me is that I keep the content of my blog honest and share with others the idea that difficult journeys can bring blessings into a person’s life.  My journey to low vision has done that for me, so I know that it is possible.  Even in my hardest times, I know that grace is at work in and around me.  If we hold on to that knowledge and search for the grace, we will witness miracles.


2 thoughts on “Dashboard Insight

  1. It’s great that you get such great feedback from the dashboard. I don’t always post, but I always read your blogs. I remember how Julia in Julia and Julia was so thrilled to realize how many people her blog had reached. I’ve really learned so much from your journey. I used to think life would be over with reduced vision. Now I know that is not the case. You have shown me that, so I can no longer live in fear of the future. Your experience has been instrumental in pulling me out of my fear of the unknown future. That has been a great gift. I have my life back and you helped me get there.

    • Jan, your comment really made my day. I am so happy that you have found peace on your journey and that I had a part in it. I do believe that there is life and happiness even with reduced vision. I am glad you and I can help each other on this journey. Thank you for your kind words.

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