I thought long and hard about most of the items on my List of Things i would like to do before my next birthday.  I wanted to make sure that it was a good list, a list of things I really wanted to do.  A couple of items, though, were added on impulse, without much thought.  Number 32 was one of those.  I added “Take a self-portrait that I like” without too much thought.  i don’t usually like portraits of myself and I thought that it might be nice if I could take a picture of myself that I could be proud of.

When I actually tried to take a couple of self-portraits, I started to think that it might have been a mistake to add this to the list.  Teens take adorable self-portraits all the time – even with just a camera phone.  They seem to just hold up the camera and snap and they have a gorgeous shot to post on Facebook.  When I tried to position the camera, it was not so easy.  I kept getting only part of my head, or mostly the ceiling.  In photos where my face actually showed, I did not like the way I looked.  Hmmm, a problem.

One day, John and I went to the Maplewood Rose Garden to take some photos for a scavenger hunt.  I had an idea for a self-portrait.  I thought that if I could focus on a rose and put myself in the photo, I could use the self-portrait for the clue “Smell.”  I could imagine, in my mind, just the picture I wanted.  I tried to set up a flower, myself, and my camera just right.  I took a couple of shots and had to laugh at the results.  Even on my little camera screen, I could tell they were not right.  I wondered how the teens take those pictures with themselves nicely centered.

I decided to keep trying.  I experimented with different camera positions and finally had a few shots that I thought might work.  I was excited to upload them and take a look.  When I did, I found one picture that I thought I could work with.  I played with the image a bit and ended up keeping the rose pink and making the rest of the photo black and white.

I like it.  The pink rose takes the emphasis off of me, but you can still tell that it is me in the photo.  I think it looks peaceful and pretty.  Hooray.  I can cross Number 32 off the list.  And I have a nice photo to put on my Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. YES, yes, this is a great self portrait.

    BTW: I told my eye doctor all about you today at my exam. Now I get to go back next week so he can dilate my eyes and do some extra checks. 🙂

    My vision isn’t the best but so far it has always been correctable with contacts. He said my eyes looked healthy but after I told him about what you have been through he decided to look a little more.

    Better safe than sorry, right?

    • Marge, first thanks for liking my self-portrait. I’m glad you are having tests, because early detection can make things easier. Do you know what tests he is doing? Just wondering. Anyway, the problem with my eyes really comes because I am so very myopic so I think you should be okay. God bless and please let me know what he says after he takes a closer look.

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