Seth Green Park

John and I have been exploring the parks in and around the city of Rochester.  Last weekend was a perfect opportunity to get out and visit some parks we had not seen before.  The weather was perfect and Rochester was celebrating “River Romance.”  There were many activities and guided tours offered in various parts of the city.  We read the brochure and learned about Seth Green Park.  This park was not on the website from which I drew the parks on my list of parks to visit.  It is less than a mile from our house.  We have driven past it many, many times.  And yet, we have never stopped to check it out.

After reading about the Seth Green Park in the brochure, we decided we had to visit.  The brochure claimed there would be kayaking demonstrations on the Genesee River.  We wondered what we would find as we set off to explore.  We parked in the spacious (but full) parking lot and were not sure exactly where to go.  It seemed like we were high above the river.  The road beyond the parking lot was blocked and seemed to belong to Rochester Gas and Electric, but there was a gate for pedestrian traffic.  A family carrying fishing rods was headed through the gate, so we followed them – down a long and winding road toward the river.

Near the bottom of the hill, we had to make a decision.  Turn right and follow a stone path toward the fishing area or turn left and travel down a path between two steel fences.  We chose the more rustic path and walked along the river bank.  It was so beautiful.  It became harder and harder to believe that we were in the city.

We followed the path as it got smaller, until it was just a little footpath along the river.  We found a little friend hiding in the leaves near the path.

We reached a point where the path seemed to end (or at least became hard for me to follow), so we turned around and headed back.  A group of people were walking down the fenced path, so we decided to try going that way even though it seemed a bit forbidding.  We were walking toward the falls and the water became really rough.  Then, John said, “Oh, look, here come the kayaks!”  I lifted my camera and grabbed a couple of shots.  I did not have much hope that they would turn out, but they are not bad action shots.

We kept walking between these two high fences until we came to a set of steps down to the river.  We went right down and it was so wild.  The spray from the falls was creating mist everywhere.  We saw a man catching a huge fish.  The Driving Park Bridge was high above us.  It was beautiful.  We stayed for quite a while.

It is unbelievable to me that this beautiful park is here, so close to our house, and we never knew it existed.  Hopefully, now that we have experienced it, we can return to enjoy it many more times.  I am so thankful that we live in a city that has such wonderful parks and nature areas and that, thanks to my list, we are taking the time to explore them.


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