I’ve been playing telephone tag with my retina specialist for over a week.  He is calling to give me the results of my PAM and LI tests.  I went to the Strong Eye Clinic on September 17 for the tests and I have been waiting ever since for the results.  I believe that these tests were to determine whether my current vision problem in my left eye is caused by a cataract or if there is another problem.  The hope is that it is a cataract, because other problems are less treatable than cataract removal, which is easy surgery.

The test did not go particularly well, from my point of view.  I could not see clearly through the instruments, so I am guessing that there is a problem other than the cataract.  I don’t know how much more than that the rs is going to be able to tell me.  I have been torn between being eager to hear the results and avoiding hearing the results.

Finally, yesterday, after several missed calls back and forth, I asked the tech on the phone if she could tell me anything about the test results.  She looked at my chart and said that all that was written there was “no surgery.”  Normally, those are words that anyone would love to  hear.  No surgery.  Hooray.  Except that I think, for me, that means that there is no “cure” for my current problem, no easy fix.

Now, I am eager to talk to my rs.  I want to find out exactly what the test results were and what they mean.  I want to know what is wrong with my eye.  If it is not a cataract, what is the problem.  He had mentioned at my last visit that the other problems were “less easily treated.”  Whether it is easily treated or not, I want to know what is happening inside my eye.  And, of course, I want to know the prognosis.  So far, I have been able to deal with my diminishing vision.  I think that part of the reason is that I have known what to expect.  This new development is an unknown.  Until I find out more information, I am on pins and needles.  I am sure that I will be able to come to terms with it.  It is the not knowing that is difficult.


6 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. Your feelings are surely normal and I would feel the same way. If they said “no surgery” to me that would have been my exact thoughts too. Is that good or bad? Hope that it means that no surgery means that it is not bad enough (the cataract) to warrant removal yet. You know how they are. It has to be “ripe” (shaking my head in disgust). I was like what about my quality of life? That is when they finally decided to do mine. The corneal specialist said it really wasnt too bad. Well for me it was! So here is to getting GOOD news (raising a virtual glass) and SOON too!

  2. Hope you get your results soon but until then I will think very positive thoughts for you and pray that way as well. I pray also that you can find some
    peace during this WAITING TIME.

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