I have been focusing a lot on what I am listening to.  I’ve been noticing external noise and internal noise.  As far as external noise, I always used to listen to the radio on my way to work, but lately I’ve been very dissatisfied with the conversation I have been hearing as the djs chattered away.  I’ve started noticing that listening to some music makes me feel disconnected from a positive spirit, while listening to other music seems to bring me alive.  For the internal noise, I’ve been noticing my negative self-talk and trying to keep it positive.  My thought conditioners have been popping into my head more and more and it seems like I am really incorporating them into my heart and my subconscious mind.

Incline your ear, and come unto Me: hear, and your soul shall live. —Isaiah 55:3

The more I focus on reading scripture and the writings of great people, the more calm I become and the more alive I feel.  When I “play” thought conditioners in my head, I connect with positive energy and feel closer to God and to my best self.

If I want to grow stronger in my listening and in my ability to hear, the thing I most need to do is to allow myself some time.  Time to be quiet, time to listen, time to pray.  If I am constantly surrounded by noise, it becomes difficult for me to hear the messages God has for me.  Even my prayer can become frantic when I don’t allow myself quiet time to listen.

I love saying the words of this scripture.  It just has a lovely sound to my ear and my heart and my spirit.  Incline your ear and come unto me, hear and your soul shall live.  Saying it over and over is calming and reassuring.  I like to repeat it to myself and use it for meditation when I am overwhelmed or overstimulated by noise.  I sit quietly and take a deep breath.  Incline your ear and come unto me.  (deep breath)  Hear and your soul shall live.  (deep breath and sit quietly for a minute, then repeat).  After just a few minutes, I am calm and peaceful and open to listening to any messages God has for me.  I am more likely to become aware of blessings and grace working in my life.


2 thoughts on “Hearing

  1. What a wonderful meditative chant!

    I find that changing my radio station to listen to classical music helps calm me when I’m driving, as I am a “tense driver.” I never trust the other people on the road…

    • I am really picky now about the music that I listen to. It has to suit my mood and the task at hand. Driving is so hard for me now that I need calm, calm, calm in the car. Usually I don’t even put the radio on, just have quiet to keep my entire focus on the road (and the other drivers).

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