Alone Time

Last night was a hard night.  My husband, John, had to go out of town overnight for work.  This rarely happens and I do not like it.  On top of being gone overnight, he missed a meeting of our son Ben’s robotics team.  Parents are encouraged to attend, so I filled in.  I know absolutely nothing about robotics, engineering, computer programming, electrical systems, etc.  I do, however, love Ben and want to support him and his team.

The meeting was in the evening, so I could not drive.  We worked it out that our older son, Sam, would drive both of us to Ben’s meeting and then pick us up when it was over.  I do have a friend whose son is on the robotics team, but she was unable to attend this meeting.  I was really nervous, thinking that I wouldn’t know anyone and knowing that I don’t have a clue about robotics.  We always encourage our children to face their fears, so I went along to the meeting.  It was fine, of course.  Everyone was nice and I even knew a couple of parents, after all.  I did not feel foolish or embarrassed in any way.  Best of all, it was great to witness Ben in his element.  He is such a friendly guy and I am so proud of him.

So, the meeting went well.  I wish I could say that the night went as well.  I don’t know if all married people hate sleeping alone or if it is my own problem.  I was awake most of the night listening to our house creak and sigh.  I should have prayed.  I could have listened to some music.  Instead, I just lay in bed feeling anxious and lonely.

Here I am now, up before the sun.  I feel amused by myself.  Why did I make such a big deal out of being alone?  I am a strong, independent woman.  I could have worked on a project or listened to an audio book late into the night.  I could have watched a “chick flick.”  Instead, I wasted my alone time.  I feel silly now, but it is too late to reclaim those hours.

All I can do now is learn from my experience.  I can drag my sleepy body to work and then welcome my husband home this evening.  I can let him know how much I love and missed him.  I look forward to sleeping soundly tonight, knowing that he is there beside me.


7 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. Oh yes how true….I wonder sometimes how couples survive when BOTH travel extensively. I suppose its not so bad in that case. Can I suggest BBC Radio 4 from London to keep you company in bed( better than my wife sometimes hehe) for the next time he goes away. An absolute array of super interesting programmes, plays , current events and ina way better than NPR.

    Well, Belinda ,I have to tell you that last bubble disappeared at 7:15 pm last Tuesday that’s 6 weeks 2 days and 9 hours 15 minutes after the operation. Can’t say that my vision is 100% but its about 85% with straight lines somewhat curved still. The downside is my corneal dystrophy problems have surfaced again so I guess its : “Here we go again” time….. something else in my vision to worry about.Thought I had rid myself of that. But I get inspired reading this blog….helped me allot through the dark days weeks ago as reading it through the Google Chrome browser I could enlarge the print to be huge.
    Hope your days ahead are wonderful….

    • Hey, Ron. Congratulations on finally losing your bubble. I hope your vision continues to improve. I am sorry that you are having new problems. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I am happy that this blog inspires you. The most important thing for me is to keep looking for the beauty and grace and love in the world – nothing can get me down for long when I do this. Peace.

  2. Yes, that happens to all of us. Even my dog is more alert when my husband isn’t home. She “starts” at every little sound when he’s gone for the night, which puts me on alert too.

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