Autumn Bounty

I don’t know how we keep getting so lucky with our weekend weather this autumn.  Today was another gorgeous day.  The sky was not blue, but the temperature was warm, almost balmy. John and I walked to the Cathedral for the Multicultural Mass.  It was amazing!  My favorite part was a West African dance that a group of liturgical dancers did as part of the Offertory.  It was so moving and exciting.

My wish from this morning came true.  After the Multicultural Mass, John and I headed out so that I could snap some photos.  He wanted to make a trip to Schutt’s, so we combined our two “wishes” and drove out for fall pics and treats.

Schutt’s was great for both of us.  I was able to take some photos of fall bounty and John found cider and fried cakes and extra-sharp (and stinky) cheese.  We had a nice surprise as well when we ran into our friends Lisa and Sarah in the checkout line.  They told us some good news.  They are in the process of adopting a bichon puppy.  Hooray for bichons – great family dogs!

Schutt’s is loaded with fall goodies and it was packed with shoppers.  I was in love with all the colors and took lots of pictures.  I was worried about the light, but my little camera did fine.  When I uploaded the photos, I was really happy with the shots of the day.

Inside and out, Schutt’s offered a huge bounty of fall delights.  I loved watching the kids picking out their perfect pumpkins.  They were so serious about finding just the right one.  Schutt’s certainly had many pumpkins from which to choose.

John and I had a lot of fun on our little road trip.  We both were glad we had decided to take the time to enjoy this beautiful autumn day.


5 thoughts on “Autumn Bounty

  1. It was fun running into you today. Stosh and Emily were in the car. We were around the corner buying our pumpkins, walking a corn maze and the kids were jumping on a giant pillow, but they didn’t have cider / donuts. When we drove past I thought of your previous post and decided to stop at Schutt’s. You were right! The fried cakes and cider is yummy! I love the colors and angle of the apple picture in this post. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon.

    • If we had known they were in the car, we would have gone out to say Hi. Sorry about that. So glad we ran into you. The picture of your new puppy is adorable. I am really happy with the apple picture – those apples do look delicious! Thank you.

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