Sunday, Sunday

I love Sunday mornings! As I write this post, I am snuggled up on the couch with my three dogs tucked in around me.  Since he did not have to be the deacon at Mass until the special Multicultural Mass at 1:30, John and I took our time getting up and around this morning.  We made coffee and read the paper, hung out in our jammies, and relaxed.  Ahhh, just what I needed after a busy week and our busy day yesterday.

I am happy that I am able to read the paper now.  For a while, I was unable to focus enough to read the small type of the newspaper.  Now, with reading glasses on, I can read – although I am a very slow reader.  It is slow going because the words constantly move in and out of focus, but with concentration, I am able to read the articles that interest me.  I can’t read for too long at any one sitting or I get a headache, but I can sit with John for a while and read the paper.  This is such a joy for me, and I am thankful for this time.

I am glad that I am able to read again, even if only for short periods at a time.  It works for the newspaper and magazine articles, but I have trouble reading an actual, full-length book.  After a while, the words seem to scramble around on the page and I can not focus.  I am still not comfortable with transitioning from reading written words on a page to listening to audio books.  I am working on that.  I have been thinking that maybe I will try to learn braille, after all.  I am going to explore the possibility.  If anyone reading this post has learned braille as an adult, please write and let me know about your experience. I do love to read.

I am hoping to take some time, after the Multicultural Mass this afternoon, to do some photographing.  I have not been keeping up with my photo blog, where I had set a goal to publish one photo each day.  I was doing well for a long time, but lately have not had enough photos to post so often.  Maybe I can get caught up today, or at least begin posting again.

Today seems to be a day of hope and of looking forward.  Maybe it’s because I have had some free time this morning to sit and reflect on the things that are important to me and the goals I want to accomplish.  Sundays are great for that and I am thankful for this Sabbath time – time to regroup and re-energize and re-evaluate.  This morning has been a blessing and I am thankful.


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