Rochester City Parks

Rochester, NY is a wonderful city.  It is scattered with parks – little parks and big parks.  When I made my list of things I want to do, I included visiting all the parks in the Rochester area as an item.  I made a list of all the parks in and around the city and we started visiting them, taking photos and checking them off.  Over the course of the summer, John and I have been traveling to parks all around the city.  We still have some parks in the area to visit, but we have now been to every park that is within the city limits.  Hooray!

Some of the parks in the city are just empty city blocks covered in grass, with a handful of flowers or a couple of trees.  Some were planned by famous landscape designers and are elaborately developed and gorgeous.  Some have playgrounds.  Some include basketball courts.  Many are along the Genesee River.  All of them are wonderful  Each is a testament to the importance of green space.

Of all the items on my “to do” list, this one has taught me the most.  While we were searching for the parks, we learned so much about Rochester’s streets and neighborhoods.  They are not just words on a map but instead are real places – places we have seen, places we have walked, places we care about.  On the page with the List of Area Parks, I have posted photos that I took in each park.  I hope that the photos give a sense of the flavor of each park.  Some are places to relax, some are places to play, some are places to hike.  Some parks impart a sense of embracing city life, while others allow a sense of escaping the traffic and busyness of the city.

Hopefully, over the next few weekends, we will be able to continue our visits and see the parks outside of the city of Rochester.  I am sure that they have a lot to offer.  Even if we don’t make it to any additional parks, I feel such a sense of accomplishment because we have connected with all the city parks.  This “project” has helped me fall even more in love with the city of Rochester and its neighborhoods and its beautiful parks.


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