Very Present

I am so very nervous about starting my new job tomorrow.  I am comforting myself with the following thought conditioner:

God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

I actually learned it as a little song, so I keep singing it over and over in my head. “God is my refuge and God is my strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Over and over.  Very simple and very comforting.  I know that, if I find that I am in trouble – in over my head at this new job = God will come to my rescue in some way.  I just need to relax and do my best.

The hardest part of a new job is the first day.  I feel like, once I am past the awkwardness of tomorrow, everything will be okay.  I am very lucky in one way.  Because I have been a client at ABVI, I am a little bit familiar with the building.  I have been there several times.  I already have some connections there, some people I trust.

I am trying to quell the nervous butterflies in my stomach.  I am nervous about taking the bus.  I am nervous about getting to work on time.  I am nervous about meeting everyone.  I am nervous about not knowing what I am doing.  I am nervous about whether my new boss will think she made a good choice.  The one thing that keeps me from being a total wreck is the faith that God will be with me.  In the midst of any uncertainty and anxiety, I will be looking for signs of grace and beauty.  I am sure that I will find signs everywhere.


9 thoughts on “Very Present

  1. Your strength is admirable! You have made the determination, on your own accord, not to drive when you recognized your vision had deteriorated. You are willing to make a big life change by going to a new job. And, you are going to take public transportation as a visually impaired person. All of that takes guts! I’m legally blind, and sometimes when I feel nervous or fearful, I ask myself…what is the worst thing that can happen? I’ll get lost, or I’ll break my leg. When I run those scenarios through my head, I usually find that a cell phone call for help, or asking someone for help will be all I need. So, although you are nervous today, the eventual routine of it will become comfortable. Best wishes!!

  2. And, remember YOU ARE STRONG, KNOWLEDGABLE, POSITIVE AND WILLING not to mention A child of the Father and worthy………..
    Saying prayers for calm and peace for this first day.

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