I have a friend who announced a couple of weeks ago that she had planned her family’s meals for the rest of the year.  I was amazed and asked if she would share her menus.  She posted them online.  It is hard for me to believe that she could plan out meals for 10 weeks, including several big holidays.  John and I decided to follow her lead.  While we can’t imagine planning so far ahead, we have been trying to plan out each week’s meals in advance.  We did not do so well last week.  Our planning failed to take into account how tired I would be during my first week of work and I didn’t prepare the meals I had planned.

This week, though, we have done a great job.  We each planned one crock-pot meal and one quick-fix meal, then allowed for leftovers on Friday.  We posted our menus on the refrigerator, to help us make our plan a reality.  We grocery shopped together on Sunday and have taken turns preparing our meals.  We were smart in our planning and picked fairly simple meals.  Chili, Pot Roast, Spaghetti and Meatballs, and Macaroni and Cheese.  We even picked up a frozen pizza to have on hand, in case things fell apart one night, but we haven’t needed it.

I am so thankful to my friend.  It has been a pleasure, this week, to prepare the meals.  It’s nice to know, while I’m at work, that the crock-pot is working away at home, making dinner.  It’s nice to not have to say at 5:00, “What should we make for dinner tonight?”  Trying to put together dinner at the last minute is exhausting, compared to the ease of having it all planned out and knowing that the ingredients are in the house.  I even enjoyed cooking so much that I was inspired to make homemade applesauce one evening this week.

Thanks, Julie, for the inspiration.  I am a long way from planning ten weeks of meals, but I’m glad John and I are taking steps to be more organized and proactive with regard to our meals.  I believe it will make our lives easier in the long run.  We have been so successful this week that I am excited about making our menus for next week.


4 thoughts on “Planning

  1. Great post! I’ve been planning my meals for the coming week for a couple of years now. With a kid in sports, it really is freeing, as you said, to have dinner in the crock pot and ready to go, even if that means getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning to put it all together. I also find it saves on the grocery bill, because I know exactly what I need to buy for the week and that way I’m not “overbuying.” I’d love some new crock pot recipes, if you’ve got any to share!

  2. Wow, I am touched and humbled that I was actually able to make a positive difference in your life in this way. One of the reasons I’ve stuck with long-range menu planning is that it’s so freeing, as you described. And it does get easier the longer you keep at it. Thank you so much, Belinda, for sharing this story. You made my day!

    • Thank you, Julie, for inspiring me to try this. John and I planned our meals today for the upcoming week, then we went shopping together. Our menu for the week is posted on the refrigerator. It’s such a relief to know so many decisions have been made and now we just have to follow through.

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