Bicycle Built For Two

I am so excited!  A few months ago, I realized that I would no longer be able to ride a bike safely.  I felt really sad, until I read about tandem biking as an alternative for people with low vision.  I thought that it would be fun for John and I to go tandem biking.  We could spend time together, get exercise, and explore Rochester in a new way.  So, I looked online to see how much tandem bikes might cost.  Unfortunately, good tandem bikes are very expensive.  Next, I checked out Craig’s List to see if I could find a nice affordable used one.  No luck.  Hmmm.  I remembered that there is an organization in Rochester called R Community Bikes. They fix up donated bikes, sell some, and give some to people who need them for transportation to work and school.  At the beginning of September, I emailed the organization to ask if they ever get tandem bikes.  Sadly, they wrote back that they did not have any.  I talked with some of my online friends with low-vision about their experiences with tandem biking, and they encouraged me to keep my eyes open for a bike.  I kind of put the whole idea on the back burner, checking Craig’s List once in a while.

Yesterday, R Community Bikes emailed me that they have a tandem bike.  It needs some work, but they will be glad to fix it up for me if I would like to buy it.  Hooray! I wrote right back that I definitely am interested.

This morning, while I was at a meeting for work, John went and looked at the bike.  He says it will be great once they clean and shine it and work on it a little.  The price was rigt, so he told R Community Bikes that we will take it.  I am so very excited.  I think John sort of wishes it was not pink, but he is being a good sport.

I am excited because there is a bike path near our house that will take us all the way up to the beach in Charlotte, if we go north.  if we go south, we can take the path downtown and connect to the Erie Canal trail system.  We are going to have so much fun biking on these paths.  We have walked a lot on the trails, but next spring we can explore by tandem bike.  It will be so much fun!

I am so thankful that every time my low vision seems to take some part of my life away, there has been something wonderful to replace it.  Once again, I can look forward to something instead of looking back at what I have lost.  This time, I can look forward to tandem biking.  I feel blessed.  It seems like I am more aware of a divine presence in my life than I have ever been before.  God’s grace seems to be everywhere.


13 thoughts on “Bicycle Built For Two

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  2. Belinda, I know it is true we can not
    really experience the joy of the
    mountaintop unless we have had some time in
    the valley…. It makes us even more aware of the divine……
    You and John will look divine on that pink bike
    made for two very special people.

  3. What a great idea! God works in so many ways and has given you an alternative! And you have so many areas to ride together. Ahhh I love it when a plan comes together! (I think that saying was from an old 80s TV show!)

  4. I’m glad you found a bicycle built for two. What a great alternative to biking by your self. I bet you’ll be writing a post or two about “team work” as you ride together.

    John will look “sweet” upon the seat of this (PINK) bicycle built for two!!!

    Have fun and be sure to post pics from your first ride.

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