Resting in Hope

In Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s booklet, Thought Conditioners, there is one verse that has helped me focus on positive expectations – hope, faith, dreams – instead of always thinking that the worst outcome will inevitably happen.

My soul, be at rest in God alone, from whom comes my hope. Psalm 62:6

When bad things happen, or when I am filled with fear or anxiety, I can start to think the worst.  When I imagine terrible outcomes or let my fears run away with me, I create negative energy and plant seeds of distress and unhappiness.  Reciting this verse to myself helps me to change my outlook.  It calms my fears and reminds me to have an attitude of hope.  On a deeper level, it reaffirms my faith and helps me to have a positive attitude.  It helps me to rely on God and expect the best to happen in my future.

No matter what is going on around me, no matter what happens with my vision, no matter what is stressing me out, I know that I can rely on divine love to strengthen and hold me.  Knowing that I can rest in this divine grace allows me to be calm in the middle of chaos, to trust even as my vision diminishes, to relax and let go of my fears.  Knowing that my hope comes from God helps me to rise above today’s troubles and believe that tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow will be full of beauty and grace and miracles.  I can be at peace, because I trust in God, who knows me and loves me and helps me.


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