4 Rules To Enjoy A New Job

I have been feeling a little bit overwhelmed lately.  I underestimated the stress level of a job change while getting accustomed to living with low vision.  It’s not that I don’t like my new job.  I love it.  It’s just that everything is harder to figure out.  Everything takes me a little extra time.  Everything is a little bit frustrating.  I am very impatient with myself.  I want to do everything perfectly.  I don’t like to have to ask questions or feel incompetent or make mistakes.

I have decided that I need to give myself a break.  I am the only one who expects me to have things all figured out.  Everyone else is patient and considerate and kind.  I have come up with four rules to help me over the next days and weeks until I feel “settled” in my job.

1.  Treat myself the way I would treat someone else.  I would give anyone else the benefit of the doubt and treat any new person with kindness and patience.  I should treat myself with the same kindness.

2. Celebrate small victories.  I need to notice when I accomplish a new task or when I do something right, instead of only noticing when I make a mistake or struggle to finish a task.

3.  Have a sense of humor.  Everything will go more smoothly if I laugh (or at least smile) at myself and the situations I find myself in, instead of getting upset and thinking the worst.  There really have been some funny moments.  As my grandmother used to say, “You might as well laugh as to cry.”

4.  Accept that tasks take longer because I can’t see well.  It is a fact that I have a visual impairment.  Of course, when it is hard to focus and see, tasks are going to take a little longer.  I want to have realistic expectations for myself.

If I follow my new rules, my transition will be more smooth.  Each day is a new beginning.  Every day I will learn more about how things work in this wonderful organization.  If I stop stressing about the tasks that are difficult, I will find my way more easily and have more fun.  I know I will figure things out soon.  Meanwhile, I want to be able to enjoy my job and my coworkers while I learn.


2 thoughts on “4 Rules To Enjoy A New Job

  1. Hallo Belinda I think we all could use this in our daily lives even without visual impairment!
    Another gr8t blog Enjoy your Monday!

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