Decking The Halls

Today I did one of my very favorite things with my family.  We went and bought our Christmas tree, brought it home and decorated it.  Decorating our tree is always a fun experience for us, but today was especially wonderful.  It was a day full of laughter and memories and magic.

We have a lot of Christmas ornaments…a LOT of ornaments.  Usually, when it is time to decorate the tree, we just bring up one or two boxes of ornaments and leave the rest in the basement.  Today, Sam would not allow us to do that.  He kept bringing up box after box, so that we could go through everything and choose our favorite ornaments and decorations.

I love putting up the ornaments that the kids made when they were little.  We have such a good time admiring the beautiful ornaments and laughing about the not-so beautiful ornaments.  Today, I spent a lot of time looking at the ornaments that included photos of the kids.  I am so thankful to the teachers that helped them make these treasures.  John and I also insist on re-telling the stories behind all of our ornaments.  We have ornaments that were from our parents and grandparents, including some that his grandmother made.  We have ornaments that we each made when we were little.  We have “First Christmas Together” ornaments and ornaments celebrating the first Christmas for each of our children.  We have the ornaments that our kids made when they were little and the ornaments we gave them to celebrate special times and things they were interested in at various ages.  We have ornaments that were gifts from family and friends.  It’s sort of amazing that we remember the stories behind so many of our ornaments.  We put them all up on the tree and it is a wonderful mish-mash of memories.

Sam also brought up all of the boxes of decorations and we went through them.  John filled the back of our piano with his Santa collection, which we haven’t had out in years.  We put out our collection of creches on the fireplace mantel.  We have a collection of wise men that has been hidden away and we made space to get them out.  Sam went out and strung Christmas lights around our porch.  Our house looks so very Christmasy.

It was a very, very happy day.  It was a day to remember.


4 thoughts on “Decking The Halls

  1. Definetly sounds like a wonderful family day…you have done a great job raising your children. We also put up the tree yesterday and each year I display a picture of Kevin when he was an angel at St. Mary’s Christmas pagent . Although he has a halo on his head, he definetly has a devilish look on his face 🙂 So cute !!

    • Becky, that is so funny. One of the things we found in an old box was a trio of pictures from St. Mary’s pageant. Emily and Sam were wise men and Ben was an angel. Adorable! I loved that Christmas pageant.

  2. How fun! I am curious what was behind Sam’s insistance on bringing up ALL the boxes? It seems like you guys did MORE decorating than usual?

    • We did way more decorating than we have in years. I think the difference was that I usually go down in the basement and ask the boys to bring up “those two boxes” and that is that. This year, they went down by themselves and couldn’t decide what to bring and so kept bringing more and more. I am really glad!

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