A Little Christmas Magic

After work today, John came and picked me up and gave me a ride home.  As we were driving down State Street, we saw the most fantastic thing.  Coming down the exit ramp from the inner loop was….Santa’s sleigh!  It was a huge red sleigh being towed by a big truck.  It was all decorated with lights and it was so beautiful and magical.

Seeing that sleigh made me feel so happy.  I had been worried about getting so many things finished in time for Christmas.  I have a long list of things I need to accomplish and I’m starting to think I won’t get everything done.  Christmas is in one week and I have been stressed about being ready.  Then, I saw that sleigh.

John and I looked at each other and we both started yelling “Santa’s sleigh! Santa’s sleigh!”  We were like little kids, so excited.  We had this moment of pure childlike joy.  It was so amazing to see that huge, beautiful sleigh all lit up and rolling down State Street.

Seeing that sleigh really changed my attitude.  Suddenly, I was thinking of the magical, joyful spirit of Christmas, instead of all the things that I need to do.  All my magical Christmas memories came flooding back.  I remembered that, one year when I was little, a neighborhood “Santa” went door to door giving children candy canes and big navel oranges.  When our kids were little, the local fire department would decorate a fire truck with Christmas lights and drive down the streets of our little town after dark on Christmas eve.  I remember that one year our kids were already in bed when we saw it coming down the street.  John and I ran upstairs, picked them up out of their beds, and carried them to the windows so that they could see “Santa’s fire truck.”

I suddenly realized that my stressed-out attitude was the farthest thing from the way I want to prepare my heart for Christmas.  Something inside me changed and I regained my excitement about Christmas preparations.  Now I can look forward to a weekend of wrapping gifts and sending cards, instead of seeing these things as a big chore.  I do not know why that sleigh was traveling through downtown Rochester, but I am so very grateful that we saw it and that it brought me a little Christmas magic.


6 thoughts on “A Little Christmas Magic

  1. When we first moved here to NJ we were surprised to learn that Santa visits each development accompanied by the local fire dept. It was my birthday and we’d only been living here a little over a month when we heard the sirens in our development. We both thought there was a house on fire. It was instead, to our great amazement Santa on a fire truck handing out candy canes. I look forward to his visit every year 🙂

    • What a wonderful neighborhood tradition! How nice that firefighters take the time to bring joy to people at Christmastime, in addition to keeping us safe all year long. God bless all firefighters!

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