A Message From Santa

Tonight, John and I went to an Advent celebration with a group of friends from Marriage Encounter.  It was a wonderful evening, full of great sharing with amazing friends.  when John and I got home from the celebration, the message light on our answering machine was blinking.  I pressed the button and this is what I heard:

You should have seen me, jumping up and down and laughing and clapping my hands like a little child.  John also laughed.  Then, Ben came in the room and we played it for him and he laughed and laughed.  I do not know who is behind this phone call, but it really made my day.  How wonderful that someone read my blog post about seeing Santa’s sleigh and wanted to find a way to continue the magic!

As I replayed the message to try to figure out how to include it in this post, I just could not stop smiling.  Tonight’s message at our Advent celebration was all about relying on others and accepting help.   I admitted, during the sharing,  how hard it is for me to trust people who offer to help and how much I hate to give up control to anyone who offers to help me.  I isolate myself instead of reaching out to family and friends and community.  Now, some anonymous person is brightening my day in such a fun way.  If someone would be so kind (and silly) as to leave this message, then I can learn to count on the people around me when I need help.  This answering machine message is a gift that I did not earn or deserve.  It was totally given from the generosity of someone’s heart.  I am learning that I really can rely on people to lift me up when I am down or struggling.

I feel so blessed tonight.  I feel like I live in a wonderful, magical community full of people who love me and want to make my life happier.  I wish for everyone reading this blog that you may experience the same type of joy that I am feeling tonight.  And for whoever left that message, and whoever was involved in the planning of the message, thank you, thank you, thank you!


6 thoughts on “A Message From Santa

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how you always have something so nice,inspiring,interesting or so much happiness to write on your blog.
    Think about you on our early morning walks as I see soo many couples on tandems. Some are young and some not so young! I actually told my husband about “pink lady”!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I can’t wait until spring to go for rides on our tandem bike. It is such a tease to have it put away in the garage until the winter ends. I really appreciate your support of my blog. Thank you.

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