If Anyone Is Thirsty

Christmas brings up so many emotions.  It is a wonderful, holy, joyous time.  Sometimes, though, loneliness or dissatisfaction lurk in the wings.  If unhappy feelings present themselves, I know that I am not doomed to have a terrible experience of Christmas.  Here is a thought conditioner that can help me be ready for any emptiness that may drift in:

If anyone is thirsty, let him come unto Me, and drink. —John 7:37

Dissatisfied feelings and feelings of loneliness or emptiness can well up inside us at any time.  They come when our expectations are not met, when we miss loved ones who are far away, when we can’t get everything accomplished.  They can come at any time, but they are particularly noticeable when they occur at Christmastime, when everyone else is happy and celebrating.

When I experience emptiness or sadness, I have lots of behaviors that I use to try to cover them up and fill in that emptiness inside me.  Instead of covering up my unhappy feelings, I have found that it is more effective to acknowledge them and use this thought conditioner to remind myself that there is something, someone, that can fill the emptiness.

If anyone is thirsty, let him come unto Me, and drink. —John 7:37

When I feel restless, or dissatisfied, or lonely, or sad, it is helpful to meditate on this short scripture.  It reminds me that I do not have to struggle alone.  It helps bring to mind that there is something that can fill my emptiness and quench my thirst.  It is not any earthly food or drink or toy or technology or tradition.  When I stop chasing after these unsatisfying fillers and turn to the living water, I can finally find rest and nourishment and peace.

For me, this is the kind of scripture that works on my spirit little by little.  I can’t always just “snap out of” melancholy.  It does help me, though, when I imagine Jesus’ face as he says these words to me.  “If anyone is  thirsty, let him come unto Me, and drink.”  I imagine him holding out a glass of water to me, and I sense the coolness of the water as I take it in.  I feel this living water flooding into my body and filling in all the empty places inside me.  I let myself sit for a minute with the sense of peace that this brings.

When I meditate on this scripture often, I am more prepared to remember it during times when I need that thirst-quenching love and peace in my life.  At the first stirrings of feelings of emptiness, I can turn to this little sentence and let it work on my spirit to bring peace.  It helps me put things in perspective.  It fills in any empty spaces in my heart.  It allows me to celebrate Christmas with joy and gratitude.


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