A Very Ambitious List

I have just a little under two months left until my birthday, the date by which I had hoped to complete the items on my List of 50 Things.  So, I thought this might be a good time to take a look at the list and see how I am doing.

1.  Visit the Thousand Islands. – Not going to happen this year.  I am going to try and make it there in 2011.

2.  Go through my craft materials and donate the things I will never use. – Halfway done!  How did I let so much stuff accumulate?

3.  Done

4.  Make a list of area parks and take a walk in each one. So close to being done.  I finished all the city parks, but a few county parks will have to wait until spring.

5.  Done (Awesome!)

6.  Counting this as done, although “improve” is hard to measure.

7.  Pet a lamb. – Definitely in the spring.

8, 9, 10 Done, Done, Done

11.  Rent a limo and take a winery tour with friends. – Never worked out, maybe Fall 2011

12.  Paint the living room. Before my birthday?  Not very likely.

13.  Done

14.  Have lunch with an old friend. – Tried to complete, but tough to schedule.

15.  Done

16.  Sort projects into two piles – “worth finishing” and “hopeless”. – Haha, can’t give up on anything.

17.  Throw away the “hopeless” pile. – If I give up on anything, I will give it away.

18.  Done.  Hooray! (Probably my favorite item on this entire list.)

19, 20, 21, 22 Done, etc.

23.  Sell something on etsy. – I still hope to accomplish this before my birthday.

24.  Watch an old movie. – Why isn’t this done?  Easy one.

25.  Done

26.  Learn a new skill. – Hmmm, surely I have learned some new skill in the past year.  I have to think about this one.

27. Done

28.  Donate blood. – Oh, yeah, I can get this one done.

29, 30, 31, 32  All done.

33.  Write a fan letter to someone famous. – Another one I should be able to accomplish before my b’day.  I just can’t decide who should get a fan letter.

34.  Stand under a waterfall. – Definitely not before my birthday. Brrrr.

35.  Plan one “special time” with each of my children. – Okay, I can’t believe I didn’t make this one a priority.  I have to get working on this right away.

36, 37, 38 Done (Three good ones!)

39.  Clean closets and donate to charity. – Needs to be done asap

40.  Go canoeing. – Put off until warm weather.

41.  Spend time birdwatching. – Ditto #40

42.  Clean the basement. – No excuses.  I started this one and I want to get it finished.

43.  Have a picnic. – Ooops, should have done this in the warm weather.

44.  Done

45.  Tour a brewery. – We are doing this next week!  So excited!

46. Done

47.  Make jelly or jam. – Now it’s not fresh fruit season.  I guess I will have to make wine jelly.  Just have to set aside some time.

48.  Done

49.  Take a yoga class. – I really want to do this.

50. Done

It is wonderful to see how many of these fun things I accomplished in the last year.  It looks like I have finished more than half the items on my list and several more are almost-finished.  This is pretty amazing, since it was a very ambitious list for me.  I have time in the next couple of months to accomplish a few more of these goals.  I am so happy that I did this exercise.  It really got me thinking and moving in a good direction.  I am already thinking about another list, but I am going to approach it a little bit differently next time. For now, though, I feel very satisfied with how many interesting and fun things I fit into this past year.  It made this last year before my big birthday a year full of excitement and energy and life.  I almost feel ready to take this big step into the next decade of my life.




6 thoughts on “A Very Ambitious List

  1. Ok #43- Have a picnic. You don’t need to wait for warm weather. Pack the picnic basket (can borrow mine if you need one) with wine, cheese, lil’ sandwiches. Grab a blanket, find a cd of nature sounds (oooo I got one you can borrow). Then John & You lock yourselves in your bedroom (no kids or dogs) & Presto! You’ve got a romantic picnic for two!

  2. Many dreams … kind of like a life list. Is that what you were thinking? Many of them have been realized. Still need to make that jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but hoping to do that this coming summer.

  3. Okay, that’s it! We need to make definate yoga class plans, this month!!! How about we talk at the meeting this weekend?

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