What’s Your Dream?

What’s your dream?

I recently read the book Dream Manager, at the suggestion of my boss, and it really made me think.  The book talks about the importance of helping people dream, the importance of helping them to take steps to achieve their dreams.  It is written with a focus on employer/employee relations, but the ideas are applicable to spouses, family members, and friends.

Since I read the book, I have done a lot of thinking about what my dreams are.  More importantly, I have been asking the people that I care about to tell me about their dreams.  My husband admitted that his last big dream was to get ordained, which came to reality almost eight years ago.  He has always said that, since ordination, he has focused on following God’s call for him.  I think that maybe, in trying to listen to the divine voice and in working hard in ministry, he lost track of his own dreams.  Or maybe he lost track of his dreams in the day to day routine of trying to keep our household functioning.  Either way, the book clearly reminds me that part of the job of being husband and wife is to keep each other dreaming.  Dreaming is a vehicle to lift us out of ordinary routine and enliven us in the midst of mundane activities.

Since I read Dream Manager, I have been asking people what their dreams are, and I have really been listening to their answers.  I am so interested in the hopes and dreams of the people I love.  It has been hard to get some people (my children) to talk about their dreams.  I don’t know if they just haven’t thought about their dreams or if they can’t articulate them or if there is something holding them back.  I do know that it has been too long since I encouraged them to dream.  I have encouraged them to work hard, to study, to develop their spirituality and their emotional and intellectual intelligence.  But I haven’t helped them to dream of where this all might take them.

The good news is, it is not too late.  We can all learn to dream.  We can all learn to follow our dreams, to take small steps to achieve our dreams, to make our dreams come true.  We can all speak our dreams (big and small) out loud.  All I need to do to start the process is to get people thinking.  I just need to ask the question…and then listen to the answers.  There’s hope in the question.  There’s magic in the question.  There’s inspiration in the question.  All I have to do is ask it and then listen.  So I am asking…

What’s your dream?


8 thoughts on “What’s Your Dream?

    • Alexis, I am so honored and thankful that you shared your dream with me. It does not seem so far-fetched, although I know there are a lot of steps to work through. I offer my complete support along the way. If there is anything I can do to facilitate the process, let me know. I am always available to bounce ideas off anytime. Let’s have lunch again soon.

  1. I want to live in a beautiful, peaceful retreat center in the woods or mountains, where I frequently facitiltate retreats and workshops, Paul leads outdoor experiences, we host other programs, and have plenty of space for family and friends to come visit and relax!
    Belinda, what’s YOUR dream?

    • Beautiful dream, Sheri. Thank you for sharing it with me. I am absolutely filled with dreams at the moment. They are like a huge bouquet of colorful balloons floating above me. My task is to grab the strings and pull them to myself and let them brighten my world. I am so excited.

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