Special Events

Time is running out, so I am furiously working to accomplish a few more tasks on my List of 50 Things before my birthday.  This week, we toured a brewery (#45).  Well, not exactly.  John and I, along with Emily and her boyfriend Justin, went to Rohrbach Brewing Company, where we had a delicious five course dinner.  Each course was paired with a “tasting” of specialty beer.  The evening began with a “tour” of the back of the restaurant, where they have a microbrewery and brew their delicious beer varieties (Vanilla Porter was my favorite).  It wasn’t exactly a tour because it didn’t involve any walking around.  It was more of a talk, given while we stood in the brewery.  It was interesting and the food and beer were delicious.  We had such a good time.  Great conversation and lots of laughs.  Both the chef and the brewer stopped by our table to visit.  Spending that time with our wonderful daughter and her boyfriend felt like a gift.  I am also using this as part of #35 – plan a special time with each of my children.

But wait…there’s more.  Tonight, John and I watched an old movie (#24).  I decided that I would like my old movie to be a Marilyn Monroe movie, so I chose How To Marry A Millionaire.  Amazingly, I had never seen this movie before.  What a strange, funny movie it is.  I was happy to see that true love prevails all around in the end.

I hope to work on a few more items this weekend.  Each item on my list has brought me so much joy.  I never was much of a list-maker, but this List has really changed my mind.  I now embrace the list as a means of accomplishing things.


4 thoughts on “Special Events

  1. Hallo Belinda you are such a lucky lady to have so much love and pleasure in your life! Its almost like a fairytale. I must admit it often makes me sad as I’ve never known such things and sometimes wonder if its true which isn’t fair on you. Have a gr8 week-end!

    • Thelma, I wrote today’s blog post about your comment. You really made me count my blessings. Thank you. I want you to know that my words are all true, although I do try to put everything in the most positive light. I have also shared my struggles and you have supported me through those. I am sorry if my stories ever make you sad, as my whole intent is to inspire and encourage others. I thank you for your friendship and your comments. Belinda

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