Such A Lucky Lady

My dear friend, Thelma, recently left a comment on my blog that really made me think:

You are such a lucky lady to have so much love and pleasure in your life! Its almost like a fairytale.

Thelma has become a very good friend through the internet.  Her comments are always nice and kind and uplifting,  I know she supports me and she is very encouraging of all my hopes and dreams and aspirations.  When I first read this comment, I was taken aback by the idea that my life could be seen as a fairytale.

The truth is, I am a very lucky lady.  I know that.  I guess that I have taken to believing that I deserved my luck.  I have taken an unfortunate occurrence (my deteriorating vision) and have done my best to be proactive and positive.  Because of my positive attitude, I am aware of the wonderful things happening in my life.

Thelma’s comment made me realize that being aware of wonderful things happening is not the same as making wonderful things happen.  After reflecting on her comment, I realize that I am extremely blessed.  I have been proactive, but have been rewarded exceedingly abundantly, out of proportion to what I “deserve.”  Whenever I try to count my blessings, there are so many that I can barely begin to list them.

God has been very good to me.  I have, as Thelma says, a life full of love and pleasure.  There is so much happiness and joy in my life that I do feel as though I am living in a fairytale.  So I want to say a very public “Thank You” to Thelma for helping me to see and be thankful for my wonderful, magical, joyful life.  I have a wonderful family.  I have fantastic friends.  I have a supporting internet community of people from all over the world.  I have a rich inner life.  I have a job that I absolutely love and an amazing boss and coworkers with whom I am working toward a mission.  I have love and laughter in my life everyday.

I have become so aware of the importance of counting my blessings.  Even beyond that, I have learned the importance of trying to find the opportunity or grace in every situation.  This is why my List of 50 Things has given me so much pleasure.  When I have a dream that comes true, no matter how simple or small that dream may be, it gives me so much joy.  If I never articulate my dreams, I might miss the magical moment when one comes true.  I might miss the blessing of the moment.  Because of this, my eyes have been opened to this sort of “fairytale” that I am living, to the abundance of grace all around me.  This is why I am trying to encourage everyone to do two things.

  • Take time to become aware of the blessings in your own life AND
  • Think about your dreams and what steps you might take to make your dreams become a reality.

Thelma is absolutely correct.  My life is almost like a fairytale.  I am blessed exceeding abundantly.  I am so thankful that she pointed this out to me so that I could appreciate all the wonders in my life.


4 thoughts on “Such A Lucky Lady

  1. Again Belinda is amazing but I’m so taken aback and lost for words! Maybe while I’m on my early morning jog/walk some useful words will come to me. For now I’m ever so grateful I found Belinda even tho being on my BB often gets me into trouble and I have to hear some nasty comments. Thanks Belinda and thanks to the many friends I have found by having this wonderful little gadget called “Blackberry”

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