Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

Our house is in an uproar.  We went to the Animal Shelter yesterday and picked out a beautiful cat to join our family.  She is lovely and sweet-tempered.  We had a cat named Kitty who died a few months ago.  We had her for 14 years, so her death left a big gap.  We waited a while before introducing a new cat into our home.  It seemed like three  dogs made enough pets.  Recently, though, we decided that we were ready and started looking through the ads.

On Friday, when searching the internet for a cat, we saw that the local Animal Shelter was having a special promotion on Saturday.  The first 10 cats and 5 dogs would be free adoptions.  They opened at noon, so we arrived at the Shelter at 11:45.  We were #9 in line, so we knew we would get a cat, but wondered how much of a selection would be left.  Luckily, the people ahead of us all wanted dogs, except one.  So, we were the second people to enter the cat room.  As we walked in, there was a beautiful female cat sleeping in a cage just inside the door.  We took a quick look around at the other kittens and cats, but came back to the first one.  We asked to “visit” with her and were taken into a little room.  The cat curled right up in my lap and fell asleep.  We fell in love with her and decided to adopt her.

The people at the shelter told us that she is two years old and recently spayed.  She was left behind in an apartment when the tenants moved out.  The landlord found her and took her to the shelter.  We filled out the paperwork and brought our new cat home.  That’s when the noise began.  The cat is calm and sweet and quiet.  The dogs, unfortunately, are not.  They love her.  They want to play with her.  They get right up close to her and bother her.  They bark at her.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  She lets them crowd her, and just gives a little growl if they get too close or too rambunctious.  We have given her a “safe room” in the laundry room, and we give her quiet time in there away from the dogs.  When she is in her quiet room, the dogs stand outside the door and cry.  They love their kitty so much.

We haven’t named our new cat yet.  We have tried out a few names, but nothing has seemed quite right.  I am sure we will come up with a good name soon.  For now, we are enjoying her company and growing accustomed to having a cat in the house again.  I am very happy with our new addition and look forward to many years of good company with this lovely cat.


10 thoughts on “Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

  1. All I could keep saying was “awwwwwwww” (smiling)! I truly am a believer in those less fortunate. The kitties and doggies that are in shelters that someone or life has left behind. I have many myself. A mother kitty whom was a stray and had 5 kittens on her last litter (she was spayed after that with the rest of all my kitties) and 1.5 years ago I lost one to FIV. I also took in 3 more strays and fixed them also. Two are in the house and 6 are spoiled, fat barn kitties that right now are enjoying laying around the wood burning stove. I also have a dog that we found abandoned with the rest of his litter along our county country road. I also have a horse that was up for slaughter, a donkey whom was basically neglected along with another pony and a horse. I also have a bird and another horse and donkey. Can you see that I love to help those that cant help themselves?! So your story filled my heart with warmth and my eyes with tears. Happy tears! And what a beauty she is too! I don’t think she could have found a better home Belinda (wink)!

    • Hi Pam. You have quite a menagerie. You must have a lot of land to keep all those animals on. How nice. I am satisfied with my four pets for now. 🙂 Maybe you can post some pics of your animals if you get a chance. (hint hint)

  2. We brought a puppy home to a cat this past summer. Perhaps the introduction we used might work here as well. We put the puppy in a crate and let the cat be in the room with the crate and the door closed. Over 10 days, we opened the crate door and the puppy came out into the room. The cat ran under the bed at first but began to get used to the puppy… The two were ‘friends’ by the 10th day. So if there is a crate for kitty to be in, maybe your dogs can get used to her while she still has safe quarters, and she can get used to them….

    • Thank you for the suggestion. We may try that as a next step after the safe room. I am afraid that, right now, the dogs would just stand around her crate and bark at her. As it is, they stand outside the door of the room and cry and cry. Silly puppies, when she is out they are afraid of her.

  3. Love her adoption story 🙂 Thank you for sharing 🙂 I love cats..we currently have one cat and his name is Velcro !! As a kitten, he was very clingy,but as an adult he has become a little more independent. As the saying goes “dogs have masters, cats have servants”- we are definetly his servant, opening the door multiple times a day to let him in and out, ot just to let him smell the air and then decided he really doesn’t want to go out after all !!

    Enjoy your new family member 🙂

    • I do love having a cat again. We had our Kitty for so long, moved her from Bath. This cat seems very well adjusted. I look forward to many years with her. Thanks for commenting. Velcro is a great name.

  4. She’s so pretty, and I love that the dogs have welcomed her. So good that you have a quiet room for her until she settles in. Congratulations on adopting the new girl!

    • Thank you. She is a beauty. We had a better day today. The dogs were more calm around her and we even hung out on the couch together for a while – all 6 of us! Two people, three dogs and one cat, what a crowd.

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