Bright Spots of Color

A couple of weeks ago, during a trip to the grocery store, I spotted a table full of primrose plants.  They looked just beautiful grouped together – pinks, yellows, oranges, reds.  Even though they were on sale for only $1.49, I hesitated before deciding to buy one.  Finally, I picked out a plant with bright yellow flowers.  I knew it would look very cheerful sitting on my windowsill at work.  When I took it to the register, I debated putting it back.  I didn’t know whether I should buy it or not.

This weekend, John and I were again at the grocery store.  This time, it was a table full of little crocus plants with purple flowers for $1.25 each.  Again, I hesitated before picking one up and putting it in my cart.  I bought it and took it to work, where it is now sitting on my windowsill next to the primrose.

Those two little plants cost me $2.74.  For less than three dollars, I am able to see beautiful flowers every day while I am at my desk working.  For under three dollars, my work space is bright and cheery.  For under three dollars, I feel a little lift of happiness every time I see the bright colors on my windowsill.  What a small price to pay for so much joy.

The sad thing is, I almost didn’t buy the plants.  I picked them up and then put them back down.  I debated and tried to decide whether I should by them.  I guess that I wasn’t sure that I should spend the money.  How I agonized over that $1.49 and $1.25.  Today, I was looking at those two pretty little plants.  I noticed how much they brighten up my office and I thought how ridiculous that I almost did not buy them.

Before this year began, I always passed by the flowers at the grocery store.  No matter how pretty the flowers or plants were, I refused to buy them.  I thought that buying them would be a waste of money.  At the beginning of 2011, I decided that I was going to accept opportunities to bring beauty into my life and take advantage of grace when it presented itself.  So, I spent the $2.74 to buy the pretty little plants.  It was money well spent, because those plants remind me that winter will end and spring will come.  In the meantime, they remind me that there are bright spots of color everywhere in the world if I keep my eyes open.


6 thoughts on “Bright Spots of Color

  1. Thanks for another great post.

    In addition to the point you make, you also emphasize that there is a price for everything we have in this life. Granted, not all prices are monetary; it can come in other forms, such as time. The ultimate decision is what we are willing to invest to have the item. I’m glad that the flowers were worth that for you, because the returns you have recieved in the form of enjoyment are bountiful.

    • Thank you. It is all about making the best choices – with our time or our money or whatever – to bring joy into the world. Choosing to find grace and embrace beauty has made a huge difference in my life. I really appreciate your comments.

  2. This reminds me of mom buying those little nativity figurines . She debated about using her grocery money for these but in the end she kept buying them one at a time until she had the whole set. I remember her telling the story about buying one each week. I’ll never forget how surprised I was a few years ago to see the price tag of 29 cents on the bottom of the donkey. Twenty nine cents and it was a splurge. I think of all the fun we had with that little nativity set all those years. I’m glad she bought them and I’m glad you got your flowers. I often see a bargain bin of cut flowers at our Kroger store. Sometimes I even pick a bunch up and look at them. I always put them back. Next time I see them I just might buy one and put them on my table in mom’s vase. Thanks for this nice reminder!

    • Marge, thank you so much for writing about this. I had forgotten all about those nativity figurines that she bought one at a time. I guess Mom’s legacy was to teach me to spend the pennies to buy a small thing that would bring a lot of joy. Now when I look at my plants I will not only see their pretty flowers, I will also think of Mom. Thank you. And I hope you buy a bunch of cut flowers the next time you notice them at Kroger. Use them, as Mom would have said, to “brighten your corner!”

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