Snowstorm That Never Came

Today, in Rochester, we experienced “the snowstorm that never came.”  The meteorologists have been talking about this storm for days.  It was going to be so bad, so ferocious.  Yesterday, everyone was in a kind of frenzy of anticipation, waiting to see this huge storm.  Schools began announce at around 5:00pm yesterday that they would be closed today.  Emily and Sam left the house at about 9:00 last night and I gave them stern warnings about driving slowly and staying put once the storm hit.

When we went to bed last night, there was still no storm.  We thought that it was just a delay in the start time.  We all went to bed, certain that we would face a world of wintry white when we awoke.  My alarm went off at 6:00am and I immediately checked the school closing list to see if Ben’s school was listed.  It was not.  Poor thing, he would have to go to school.  I looked out the window and saw that we had really only received a couple of inches overnight.  I felt so disappointed. There is something about a big snowstorm shutting everything down that is so exciting.  I don’t know if it is the memory of snow days from my own childhood or just the idea that nature is so powerful that it can still shut down our world for a day.  Today, snowplows prevailed and the roads were relatively clear.

At 6:15, Ben received a text from one of his friends that their school was, finally, listed as being closed.  He immediately went back to sleep.  John was the next to discover that he had a snow day.  His office was closed.  I checked for my agency’s name on the list – no such luck.  I would have to go in to work.

In a way, those of us who made it into work seemed to feel like warriors.  “Oh, that storm was nothing,” we told each other.  No reason for schools to be closed.  We, the mighty, had conquered the winter and arrived safely at work.  We mocked the storm.  We remembered predicting that the storm would pass us by.  We were not surprised at how weak it was by the time it reached Rochester.

Still, part of me wished the storm had been stronger.  As I rode home from work, I remembered snowstorms from my childhood – snowbanks taller than me, taller than cars, towering over me.  Snow days with sledding and snow angels, followed by a fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa and warm jammies.  Today was not a snow day like that.  It was not a snow day that made memories.  Today was just the snowstorm that never came.


7 thoughts on “Snowstorm That Never Came

  1. We had a similar storm warning in December. They were warning us to stay in – big storm coming – be prepared. It was a pretty wimpy storm in Utah terms! Nice blog.

    • Thanks. I guess we all have storms that never materialize. I remember once, in high school, they sent everyone home from school early and we all waited and waited but no snow ever came. No one minded leaving school early, though.

  2. Weird that I’ve never experienced or seen a snow storm. Wonder if my imagination or what I think it would be like is way off track or slightly correct?
    We sit here saturated in sweat not only because its hot the humidity is abnormally high!
    I just hope the people in Oz have been safe and that the cyclone also forgot to come.

    • Oh, Thelma, I wish i could send you a snowstorm. Just one, so you can sit in your nice warm house and look out at the lovely snowflakes falling and then run out and make a snow angel in the frosty cold and then run back in and warm up with a cup of cocoa or tea. Just the fun parts of a snowstorm. 🙂 I did not hear about the cyclone. Was it very bad?

  3. Belinda,
    I, too, got caught up in the pre-storm excitment. Even though my boss was saying “We’re a hospital, we never close,” I contacted all of my scheduled ‘snow day’ patients and squeezed them earlier or later in the week, “just in case.”
    When I went to bed, I was having the same fantasy; being snowed in, ‘forced’ to stay home and snuggle down with my kids for the day. School was even cancelled!
    I was SO disappointed when I woke up, and found… not much to speak of.
    BUT, I decided to stay home anyway. My kids are growing up so fast, and who knows when they will out-grow the kind of snow-day fun I was dreaming of? So, I decided to make it a REAL snow day for us; I made home made blueberry muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast. We played Wii all morning. The only reason we changed out of our PJs was to go out sledding and snowboarding! I made the kids brownies and let them have friends over and watch a movie in the afternoon. We had SO much fun together!
    (Shhh! Don’t tell my boss!)
    Even though we don’t seem to have big winter storms like I remember as a child, I wanted my kids and I to have one big snow day to remember for a long time!

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