Fun In The Sun

February is a difficult month.  Cold weather has completely lost its charm for me.  I am tired of snow and cold and wind and ice.  I don’t suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder but, this time of year, I am just sick to death of winter.  I was talking to a friend today and she said that she and her husband have decided that next year they are going somewhere warm in February.  When she said that, I remembered a couple of years when we went away in February.  Those were good winters.

The first time we went away during February, we took the kids to Disney World.  We decided that, since this was going to be our one and only trip to the Magic Kingdom, we would stay right on site.  We stayed in the Park from early morning until late at night.  Everyone was so happy the entire time.  The weather was perfect.

Another year, we went to the Florida Keys.  We rented a big, huge Cadillac in Miami and drove all the way down to Key West.  We had the most fabulous time.  It was warm and sunny and made the rest of the winter bearable.

When Sam was a Senior in high school, John and I took him to Mexico.  We found one of those super deals at an all-inclusive place in the Mayan Riviera.  We relaxed and hung out in the pool all day every day.  It was hot and sunny and wonderful.  We promised ourselves that we would go back someday.

The memories of these February vacations make me so happy.  Next year, Ben will be a Senior.  Maybe John and I can plan a February trip for the three of us.  Maybe we can go somewhere warm and sunny.  Meanwhile, this winter can’t last forever.  We will get through it.  Soon it will be Spring.  Flowers will be blooming.  The sun will shine.




2 thoughts on “Fun In The Sun

  1. It was actually very beautiful and sunny this morning! The early sunrise making the whole world, covered in fresh snow sparkle and glimmer! Granted, it was a bone-chilling 10 degrees outside! But, pretty!

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