Dreams Really Do Come True

I did it! I did it! Hooray!  My etsy shop is now open with TWO items for sale.  Today, I posted two sets of digital note cards and opened my shop.  I feel excited and nervous.  For some reason, putting my art out there is so much more scary than sending out my words every day in this blog.  In April, 2010, I made a List of 50 Things I wanted to do before my birthday.  Sellin something on etsy was item #23 on the list.

I actually joined etsy on May 6, 2010.  That means that I have been dreaming about putting items up for sale on the site for 10 months.  I have been playing with this idea for a long time.  People have been so  nice about my photos that I thought maybe I could make these note cards.  So, abour six months ago, I had some of my favorite photos printed and bought the blank notecards and the mounting corners.  There they sat, waiting for me to make time to work on them.  About a month ago, I put the cards together.  It was a labor of love as I mounted each photo onto the card stock. I had so much fun putting together cards and thinking that they might actually be used to send messages between friends.  My photos may actually brighten someone’s day.  How thrilling!

The cards have been waiting to be placed on etsy for almost a month.  I kept writing descriptions and uploading photos – and then deleting them.  I was really hesitant to go through with this venture.  But, my birthday is this week.  I want to get a few more items crossed off my list, and getting these notecards on etsy was a big priority.  So, I forced myself to write the descriptions and open my shop.  I really underestimated how scary that would be.  It is hard, even now, not to go back to etsy and take down the items.  I feel very vulnerable.

I love my photos and I am really happy with the way the note cards turned out, but I wonder if anyone would pay money for them.  I am not sure that the photos of the sets of cards are good enough.  I am not sure that the descriptions are good enough.  I even question my original idea of calling my shop “blindgirlz.”  At the time, I thought it was lighthearted and whimsical, but now I wonder if it is inappropriate.

I am NOT writing this post so that my friends will go to etsy and buy my cards.  Please do not feel compelled to do that.  I think I am writing this as a way of working through my fears and trying to figure out what my hesitation is.  A long time ago, I made crafts for my Mom’s country shop, but I don’t remember worrying so much about whether people would like my items.  Maybe I was this nervous the first time I delivered something to her shop.  Maybe it’s because photography is more personal for me.  It’s more like putting a piece of my heart out there.

Maybe I’m just being silly.  They are just note cards, after all.  I am proud of myself to take a step out of my comfort zone.  Whether I succeed or fail, doing this now will give me strength to try other new ventures and go after other dreams in the future.  I am proving to myself that I am not going to be held back by fears.  And that dreams really do come true.  That’s the most important lesson of all.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Really Do Come True

  1. Congratulations on your posting! etsy is just plain fun! I don’t make many sales though as our postage rates in Canada are high.but the things I have sold have been interesting..Finland, UK, Australia and of course the US. Now you need to go to work and add more cards.
    All the best, Dorothy

    • Thank you so much, Dorothy, for the encouragement and support. I am working on choosing some of my other photos to have printed so that I can make them into note cards. It is hard to know how many to make. The three selections I have in my shop look so small right now. I really do want to grow my shop. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to listen.

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