Facing The Flames

Learn a new skill.  Item #26 on my List of 50 Things I want to do before my birthday.  I have agonized over this one since I made the list.  What skill should I learn?  This summer, when we visited my sister in Ohio, my family tried to make me count playing Cornhole as a new skill.  I refused.  I remained stuck in indecision about choosing a new skill to learn.  When I think about learning a skill, I worry about NOT being able to do it because my vision is so bad.  So many “skills” require sight, at least in the learning stages.

My daughter, Emily, approached me about signing up to take a glass beadmaking class together.  Before my vision started to deteriorate, I loved to make jewelry and I had thought about learning to make beads.  I left jewelry-making behind as a hobby when it became a huge struggle to thread the beads on to the wire.  It was so frustrating that I gave up.  Still, when Emily suggested the class, I thought that I might give beadmaking a try.

We looked online and found a local glass studio that was offering a class.  We signed up, along with my husband John and Emily’s boyfriend Justin.  After we registered, I had second thoughts.  What was I thinking?  Low vision, flames, and molten glass could NOT be a good combination.  How would I see the small pieces that I would need to manipulate?  I decided to just do my best and went to the class.

The class was a lot of fun.  I wore my best reading glasses, so that I would have the best chance of being able to see the small beads.  At first, I was really afraid of the flame.  The studio had a lot of safety measures in place, so I felt comfortable giving bead making a try.  The truth is, I really could not see what I was doing very well.  I just muddled through and did my best.  I chose different pieces of blue and green glass to work with.  Once the beads are hot, the colors change and it is really hard to tell what the bead is going to look like.  This was not because I have low vision.  Everyone with me had a similar experience.  When we finished each bead, the instructor whisked them away and put them in the kiln.  We will pick the beads up tomorrow and then, finally, we will see what we created.

Even though I was kind of afraid to take the class, I went ahead and tried.  I have begun to learn a new skill.  So, I feel like I earned the right to cross this item off my list.  I had a wonderful time with my family members.  We all have talked about going back and taking another class together.  For this class, I will end up with a handful of beads.  Time will tell what those beads look like.  No matter what, I am proud of myself for not allowing my low vision to stop me from trying something new.



8 thoughts on “Facing The Flames

  1. bead making is soooo cool. we did it twice at the corning museum and remember being very scared the first time. i made theresa go first. we also blew our own glass Christmas ornaments and use them each year as the centerpiece to our dining room table. flames, liquid glass and lots of fun!!

    • We blew Christmas ornaments one year at Corning Glass, too. Bead-making was more fun because the ornament was finished in a couple of seconds. We were able to make beads for almost two hours. It was so much fun. We are talking about going back again some time! Thanks for commenting.

  2. You went and enjoyed yourself! That was a very hard step and facing the flames gave you a new skill! Great job! I had put an application in for a job and then my good eye started with the traction again. I was scared but then went to the interview thinking “what the heck”. If my vision totally fails then I will deal with it. I was honest with them about having some problems with drawing blood but if given the chance would do my best and that I have no problems driving and working the computer. No matter what the result will be I gave it my best and was honest with myself and the company. So we both faced the flames! lol! Seriously though I am so proud of you!

      • I got the job!! Yay! The 2 women who interviewed me said they were very impressed with my interview and wanted to hire me! Yes! Wanted to wish you Happy Belated Birthday too ((hugs))! Turning 50 a few years ago changed my life. I am more appreciative and aware of things now. I pray more, give thanks more and do my best to be positive in the face of adversity. I may not always post but I try to read your blog when I can. It uplifts me because if you can do what you are doing than surely I can get through anything I am facing. You are a wonderful lady you know that?!

      • Hooray1 Hooray! I am so happy for you. Good luck as you start your new job. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I am looking forward t o this year. I have lots of dreams to make come true! Thank you for your kind words and your encouragement. 🙂

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