Sparkling Light

I never noticed light.  I went through most of my life and never paid attention to the play of light on objects.  It was only during the process of my vision deteriorating that I began to notice how beautiful light can be when it is shining on and through objects.

Maybe it’s because the objects themselves are no longer sharply focused that I now notice the light.  Maybe it is because I can no longer see well in dim light that I appreciate the light I do see.  Maybe it’s because I never thought to pay attention to the light until I started to lose my vision that it is now important to me.  No matter what the reason, I am now totally enamored with the way light works.

When John and I are riding in the car, I am constantly saying, “Look at how the light is shining on that building,” or “Oh, the light is such a beautiful color today,” or “Watch how the ice sparkles in the light.”  I just can’t get over how beautiful light can make everything it touches.  I try to capture the light in photos, but it is difficult to reproduce the beauty I am seeing.

Recently, two activities helped me to capture light.  Last weekend, I made some wine jelly.  When the jelly was done and the jars were sitting on the counter, the sunlight was streaming in on them.  They looked so beautiful, as if the jars were full of liquid jewels.

I am happy to report that the jelly tastes as good as it looked that day.

The second experience was last weekend, when we took a class to learn how to make glass beads.  It was a great experience, although I was a little scared at first.  We went on Tuesday to pick up our beads and I am so happy with mine.  I choose to use mostly blue and green transparent glass, decorating with some other colors of green glass.  Once I cleaned my beads, they sparkled like crazy.  I love to hold them up to the window and watch the way the light plays inside them.

I think I am going to make the beads into a bracelet, so that I will always be able to slip it off and hold the beads up to the light.

Noticing light and the way it makes objects more beautiful is one way that my low vision journey has helped me to grow.  I no longer take light for granted.  I know how important it is and I am thankful for it every day.  I am working on learning to capture the light in photos, but for now it is enough that I am noticing and being grateful for the light that is making everything in my world more beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Sparkling Light

  1. Belinda, I really enjoy reading your blog. I am so impressed with all that you are accomplishing. Where did you make those beautiful glass beads? I want to make some too.

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