Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

My eye doctor’s office called this morning to say that they were able to get me a time for a PAM and LI test today.  Last Thursday I saw my retina specialist and he thought that a second set of these tests might be helpful.  I did not have too much hope.  The last time I had these two tests, they were inconclusive.  But, glad to be doing something about my vision deterioration, I accepted the appointment.

As I understand it, the Potential Acuity Meter and Laser Interferometer tests will give an indication of whether it is my cataract that is causing my current vision problems.  They give a reading of what my vision would be without the cataract.  First, my eyes were numbed and dilated.  For the PAM test, I looked into a little peephole at a tiny eye chart and tried to read as much of it as I could.  For the LI test, A small device with a red circle was held up to my eye and I had to say whether I could see lines were going up and down or side to side.  Neither test hurts or is uncomfortable in any way.

The tech did not indicate what my readings were.  He just said that he would be faxing my results to my retina specialist.  The last time, only my left eye was tested.  I am guessing I had about the same results with that eye this time as I did last time.  Today, my right eye was also tested.  I did better with that eye.  I can always see better with my right eye than my left eye.  I really wanted to do well on the tests, so I really concentrated.  Even though all I had to do was try to decipher some letters and lines, the tests really wore me out.  It is such hard work to try to focus my eyes.

Now I will wait to hear what the rs has to say about the tests.  I hope that they will give him some indication of an action he can take for my vision.  My vision in my left eye is pretty bad now.  It is hard to focus on the computer screen and impossible to see anything at a distance with that eye.  I find myself closing my left eye when I want to be able to really see.

The good news is that we live in a time of great technological advancement.  Even if these tests are not helpful, there will be another test that will offer some kind of solution.  And, if there is no solution today, I am fairly confident that there will be one tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I will learn to make the most of the vision that I do have.  I am so thankful that I work in an environment where assistive technology is available to me.  I am also thankful tonight that I have a wonderful husband who would rearrange his schedule at a moment’s notice to take me for the eye test.  I am blessed to have so much support and encouragement as I continue on this journey to low vision.


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