A Sacred Responsibility

Writing is addictive.  I really enjoy writing.  The more I write, the more I want to write.  I am very blessed to be beginning to have more and more opportunities to write.  I have this blog and a blog with my husband for our diocesan  newspaper, the Catholic Courier. At work, I have been asked to write some pieces for our employee newsletter and to write some posts for our agency’s blog.

I also was recently asked to do a special project at work.  I was invited to interview some of my coworkers and write their stories for our new website.  Before I interviewed this group of people, I did not know any of them.  Interviewing them was a most amazing experience.  I sat down with each person for about half an hour and asked questions and listened.  I learned so much.  The people were young and old, long-time employees and new employees, satisfied and restless, chatty and reticent.  Each person that I interviewed is legally blind.  Some have been blind from birth or shortly after birth, while others lost their vision later in life.  Some are grieving their vision loss and others have found peace.

I am very different from the people I interviewed.  And I am very similar to them.  As they shared their joys and struggles, I felt myself connecting with them.  They spoke about their pride at the quality of the work they are able to do.  They talked about how their work team feels like a family.  They talked about the best advice they ever received.  They shared their dreams.  We laughed together…a lot.  Sometimes I cried.  In the space of half an hour, I really came to love each of these coworkers of mine.

There is something truly amazing about being privileged to hear and write someone’s story.  I felt so honored to hear the honest truth from these people.  I feel like I have a sacred responsibility to share these stories in a most gentle and profound way.  I want so badly to do a great job writing their stories.  In other circumstances, I could probably write an entire book about each person.  For now, I am condensing each story down to three paragraphs.  Three paragraphs to sum up a person’s story.  Three paragraphs to show readers that life and joy and fun and work and happiness and dreams continue after a loss of vision.  Three paragraphs in which to make readers love these people as much as I do.


8 thoughts on “A Sacred Responsibility

  1. Thanks so much, Bel, for your encouraging words in all your writings. You make life easier and more hopeful for other people, since we are all of us struggling with something or other.

    • Thank you for your nice comment, George. I have become so aware of the burdens that everyone is carrying and that helps me put my own little struggles into perspective. God has blessed me so tremendously and allowed me to see grace everywhere. It means so much to me that you say I make life more hopeful for others, because that is exactly the gift I want to pass along. God bless you and Peggy.

  2. Compassion and Understanding are Qualities to Cherish. Thank You for Sharing and Caring and Infusing these Qualities into Lives of these People You have had the opportunity to meet in your Earthly Journey.

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