Leap Of Faith

Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith.  There is something that I have been wanting to do and finally I took the leap and did it.  I feel so proud of myself, but a little afraid now that I have set a project in motion.

Ever since I read the book Dream Manager, I have felt compelled to do something.  The book opened my eyes to the power of dreaming and energized me.  I have written a few posts about my initial response to the book, the way it affected me, my own dream come true, and the idea I had of how to use the book with my family.  Even though I have been putting the ideas in the book into practice, I have still felt an unsatisfied longing to do more.  Every time I have talked with someone about dreams, I have felt so good and so right, so connected with positive energy and hope.  I can feel the energy in the dreaming.

The book is about using dreaming in a work situation, so I have had the thought in the back of my mind that there must be a way that the people at my job can help each other dream.  My boss loaned me the book, so she obviously believes in its message.  Several of my friends at work have read and loved this book.  So, my thought was to get a small group of people who have read the book to gather and talk about the message of the book and dreaming in general.  I thought it would be great to hear how other people are using the book in their own lives and to hear how they have used it to help others.

I have had the idea of gathering this group since shortly after I read the book.  I talked to various people and received permission (and real encouragement) to host the group.  I talked to some coworkers to see if they might be interested in attending such a group.  Everyone I talked to said they would like to give it a try.  Still, the idea of meeting as a Dream Group was just a nice idea…until yesterday.  Yesterday, I looked at the calendar and picked a date.  I reserved a room.  And, the scariest step of all, I sent out invitations to nine people.

I agonized over the wording of the invitation.  I wanted it to be just right, friendly and encouraging.  I didn’t want to make any promises that I can’t keep, but I wanted to make it sound like a good group to join.  I wrote it all out and then deleted it and rewrote it.  I was all ready to send it and then I deleted it again.  I rewrote it, looked at it one more time, took a deep breath…and pressed Send.

Once I sent the invitations, I really started to worry.  What if nobody wanted to go to the meeting?  What if everyone was too busy?  What if…that’s when the first response came in.  Right away, an acceptance.  Then another.  Hooray!  Almost everyone responded quickly and positively.  I am so excited!

I am the type of person who always has ideas.  I dream things up and think they sound great.  I often talk to John about my ideas.  Rarely, though, do I follow through and make my ideas become reality.  That step is usually just too hard for me to take.  Fear of failure, fear of success, inertia, laziness, and a lack of time or energy always win out over making the effort to make my dreams come true.  Lately, though, I have not been satisfied to let my ideas remain abstract ideas.  I feel compelled to make them concrete realities.  The thought of never letting them see the light of day is much more painful than the thought of trying and failing.

I am thrilled that I work in a place where dreams are encouraged and valued.  I have been encouraged to make the dream of starting this group a reality.  And it is now real.  I am going to facilitate a Dream Group.  I am so excited.  I don’t know exactly how it is going to go, but the group is full of my friends and I know they will be on my side.  I can hardly wait to take this step into further unleashing the power of dreams.


12 thoughts on “Leap Of Faith

  1. I love the dream manager, I have read it as well as several others who work with me, I would love to get some ideas on how to put more in motion at work and for myself.

    • Joyel, how did we never talk about this? I didn’t know you had read the book. I would LOVE it if you would come to the meeting. We are meeting next Friday at 12:15. I will send you the meeting notice so that you can see who was invited and all the details. I hope you can come. If you know of other people who have read the book and might like to come, please let me know and I will invite them. Thank you so much for letting me know that you loved the dream manager. We should talk about this!

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