Every day, my life just keeps getting better and better.  I had a super-great day today.  For one thing, the sun was shining, which always makes me feel happy.  Today was also the day for the first meeting of the Dream Group. I invited a few people at work who had read the book Dream Manager to get together to talk about the book and their thoughts on dreaming.

I was a little bit nervous.  I have been putting this in motion for weeks and I wanted it to go well.  I prepared by re-reading parts of the book.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to fit into this first meeting.  Since we were scheduled to meet at lunchtime, I wanted to honor the time commitment and not keep anyone too long.  I wasn’t too nervous, because a lot of the people I invited are my good friends.  I knew they would be on my side, wanting the meeting to go well.

The meeting ended up having eleven attendees squeezed into a little conference room.  All I had to do was get the conversation started.  We went around and everyone told how long ago  he or she read the book and what impact it had.  It was really great to hear people talk about their reactions to the book.  Interestingly enough, even though everyone liked the book, a lot of people had never taken the step of writing down their dreams.

After everyone had spoken, we were already almost out of time.  I encouraged everyone who hadn’t already done so to take Matthew Kelly’s advice and get a book, brainstorm, and write down 100 dreams.  I invited everyone to consider meeting again in about a month to have a conversation about those dreams.  People seemed very receptive and I am eager to see how many want to take another step on this “dream” journey and where it takes us.

I felt privileged today to facilitate a talk about people’s dreams.  I felt like a dreamweaver, helping people dream more freely.  Dreams are such a private and intimate part of a person that I feel honored to hear anyone’s dreams.  I find that, whenever I talk to anyone about the topic of dreams, I feel very energized.  There is such a lot of positive energy unleashed when people are talking about dreams.

Someone today talked about having difficulty getting started with writing down dreams.  I encouraged the group to just do it, just start writing.  I remembered the paragraph that I put at the beginning of the dream books that I gave my family members.  I thought it might be helpful for the people in this group to hear it, so I pulled out my dream book and asked one of the group members to read the paragraph.  The group really seemed to like it.  I encourage everyone who is reading this post to pick up a blank book and write down 100 dreams.  I leave you with the paragraph that I wrote for our dream books and I hope that you find it inspiring.

This is your Dream Book.
This is a place to write down all of your dreams.
Write 100 dreams on the pages of this book.
Dream big and dream small.
Dream for the present and dream for the distant future.
Dream the achievable and dream the impossible.

Dream in any or all of the following areas:
Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual,
Psychological, Material, Professional, Financial,
Creative, Adventure, Legacy, Character.

Don’t edit or delete or rip out pages.
Include all dreams that come into your mind.

What is your dream?


4 thoughts on “Dreamweaver

    • Thelma, I am thinking a lot about your question. Some other people have asked me about the difference between dreams and goals and also resolutions. I need to think about just how to word my answer, but I will post an answer as soon as I am able to articulate it. To get started in the meantime, I don’t believe it matters whether you are talking about a wish or a dream – if you “wish” you could do it, I think you can count it as a dream. Don’t let anything hold you back from dreaming.

    • Thelma, when I first talked to my husband about this, he told me that he didn’t have any dreams. As time has gone by and we have talked about dreams, he has begun to realize that he does have dreams – places he wants to go, things he wants to see. I really encourage you to keep thinking about this because I have discovered that there is a lot of positive energy unleashed when I dream. Give it a try! Please let me know how it goes.

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