Sunny Saturday

Oh, how I love a sunny Saturday.  John and I had such a good day.  Ben was on a retreat team today, so we had to be up and out of the house early to get him where he needed to go.  We ran lots of errands.  It was chilly, but it felt so wonderful to be out in the sunshine.  Riding in the car with the sun streaming in the windows makes me so happy.

After we picked Ben up from his retreat day, we had to take him way outside of Rochester to a friend’s house.  Since we were going to be far on the east side of Rochester, we decided to use a gift card that we won at a dinner last year.  The restaurant is at Eastview Mall in Victor and we rarely go to that mall.

The truth is, I rarely go to any mall.  Shopping is not so much fun because I can’t really read tags and I get a little frustrated.  Plus, walking around trying to avoid objects is hard with reduced vision.  Lighting shifts from store to store and, all in all, malls are not my favorite places to be.

Still, tonight we found ourselves at Eastview Mall.  If there is a temple to upscale consumerism anywhere near where we live, it is Eastview Mall.  All the best stores are represented.  As we entered the Mall parking lot, I was amazed.  The huge parking lot was jammed with cars.  We drove around looking for a parking spot.  We finally found a few empty spots way down at one end of the lot.  We wandered through the mall and it was just surreal.  Colors, lights, sounds, people – it was a visual smorgasbord.  Because we had no agenda, no list of things we needed to buy, there was no pressure.  I could just enjoy the experience of being in the mall.  It was a good opportunity to conquer some fears.

John and I had a nice dinner at a restaurant we had never tried before   We figured out what I would order at home, using their online menu.  Planning ahead really helped a lot.  I didn’t have to feel “disabled” at any point.  Today was just a great day.  Sunshine, lots of items checked off our to-do lists, and a great meal paid for with a gift card we won.  The day just seemed so wonderfully, gloriously long and fruitful.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. I know how you feel about malls. I’ve never been a fan of them myself. When I do need to go to a mall, I usually go with someone and my trusted goldador. She’s great a navigating crowds. Now if only I could train her to tell me who is calling out my name in crowds of people, I’d be all set. LOL I hate it when I’m somewhere and someone knows me, but I have no idea who the person is.

    • I used to love malls. I would spend hours “window shopping” and people watching. Now, I like to get in and out as quickly as possible. Saturday was fun, though. I will remember to identify myself if I call out your name!

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