Upcoming Cataract Surgery

I went to see my eye doctor on Friday.  My regular ophthalmologist, who does cataract surgeries.  He and my retina specialist have talked and they decided that the best option is to go ahead and try the cataract surgery on my right eye.

I am willing to give this a try.  Neither doctor seems 100 percent certain that the surgery will do much good.  The cataract is very small and normally would not be causing so much vision loss.  Still, both docs seem to think that there is a good chance that it will make a difference.  The PAM and LI tests showed that the surgery should improve my vision.  As my eye doctor explained it, a small cataract might be a big obstacle to my eyesight, since my eye is so abnormal.

I sort of feel like we are taking a “let’s give it a try” attitude.  We’re going to give this surgery a try and see if it improves my vision.  I’m willing to go for it.  There are not huge risks with the surgery – normal risks like infection and a slight chance of retinal detachment.  My eye doctor told me that he has never had a retinal detachment during cataract surgery and he sternly warned me not to be his first.  I have such funny doctors.

As part of my visit, a tech “measured” my eye.  I looked into a machine and it beep, beep, beeped and measured the length of my eye.  The length of the eye determines the strength of the lens they will implant during the surgery.  The average eye is 24 millimeters.  A my0pic eye is usually 25 or 26 millimeters.  A very myopic eye can be up to 29 millimeters.  My eye is 32 millimeters long.  No wonder there is pressure on the back of my eye.  Because my eye is so long, there is not a lens that could possibly bring my vision to 20/20.  The eye doctor says they will measure one more time before the surgery and they will do the very best they can to get me the best lens they can.  My vision should be vastly improved with the new lens.  The really good news is, it is simple, routine surgery.  I will probably only be out of work for one day.

I am going into this surgery with a realistic view of the outcome.  It may make a big difference, but it may not.  The problem is that the retina may be so damaged from all the trauma that it has survived that taking out the cataract may not make a big difference.  Also, there may be another, unrelated, undiagnosed problem with my eye that is causing my vision to deteriorate.  No matter what, this is the best shot I have at getting my corrected vision in my right eye back to better than 20/200.  Since this is the recommendation of two doctors that I trust, I am going to have the surgery and hope for the best possible outcome.


6 thoughts on “Upcoming Cataract Surgery

  1. I think the cataract surgery will do you wonders!! It did for me. You and I are two of a kind. My axial length is 33.4 I think. Way out there like you. See we have so much in common (rolling my eyes laughing)! I am so glad your docs are humorous as you need that. You would be surprised though that they can come really close to that 20/20 even with the myopia. They did with mine for the first few years and then I got that stupid traction like I have now. You will come out with flying colors I just know it! I have been so busy with the new job that I have not been keeping up too well with everything. But when I saw cataract surgery I was like ooohh boy I better read THAT one for sure! Job is going very well by the way and I am loving it. Takes a lot to get used to and I want to be comfortable right away. Well with a new computer system it doesnt work that way. I have had wonderful teachers/other nurses and tomorrow I have a few patients to see on my own. I am so happy you are getting your cataract removed. It made a big difference when I got mine done and I am positive it will for you too! Praying for 20/20 no matter what the doc says (wink)! Pam

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