If Today You Hear God’s Voice

If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your heart.

I heard that message this morning at Mass.  We sang it as the Psalm response.  In his homily, the presider asked everyone to think about these words and pray them throughout Lent.

If today I hear God’s voice, let me harden not my heart.

I’ve been trying all day to listen for God’s voice.  To listen to God’s voice.  To answer the question – What is the message God has for me today?

It was a good day.  I ran into some friends at Mass.  I heard birds singing.  I heard kids laughing outside.  John and I worked out at the Y.  I cleaned the house.  I read for a while.  We ate dinner.  I made muffins.  I kept listening, but I didn’t hear a message from God.

Then, I realized.  God’s voice was in the singing birds and in the laughter of the children and in the hugs from my friends at Mass.  God’s voice was in John’s cheerful disposition while he made dinner and in our family conversation while we ate.  God was in the words of the inspirational book I was reading and in my hands as they cleaned the house for my family and made muffins for everyone to enjoy.

God’s voice spoke love and sang love to me all day.  I almost missed the love that it was sending.  I am thankful that today’s presider at Mass  asked me to listen for God’s voice and keep my heart open to whatever message God has for me.  I’m glad I didn’t miss all the reminders that God loves me.  Looking back over my day, that message of love was loud and clear.



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