Oh What A Relief It Is!

When I went to see the optometrist a few weeks ago, he mentioned that my right contact lens had a tiny crack in it and he ordered me a new lens.  I forgot all about it, since my contact seemed fine to me.  For the last few days, my eyes have been bothering me so much.  I have had to rush home after work and take my contacts out and rest my eyes.

My eyes have been watery and itchy.  I could not stand to be in any bright light at all.  My eyes have felt terrible.  I wondered if I had a cold or allergies.  I couldn’t imagine what was causing my eyes to burn so badly.  Finally, yesterday, I remembered that I had a fresh contact lens waiting for my at my eye doctor’s office.  Right after work yesterday, John took me to the office and I picked up my contact.  I could not wait until we got home and took my contact out right in the car.  The relief was immediate.  When we arrived at home, I put in my new contact.

I am so silly.  I looked at my old contact lens and there is a big crack right down the middle of it.  I can’t believe I suffered with that for several days before I realized what the problem was.

I was able to work all day today with no pain in my eye.  It was wonderful.  Of course, I still can’t see properly, but at least my eyes will be comfortable for the next few days until my surgery on April 11.  What a relief and what an easy fix.


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