Music To My Ears

Today has been all about listening.  I was startled awake in the night by the sound of heavy, heavy rain pouring down outside.  It was so loud that, for the moment between sleep and waking, I thought that it was raining in the house.  I lay in bed and listened, really listened to the rain.

In the morning, I put the dogs out during a brief respite in the rain storm and I could hear birds singing and singing and singing.  Sometimes, because I live in the city, I am surprised by nature sounds.  This morning, the sound of birds singing was so delightful that I almost laughed out loud.  My spirit soared and I felt as if the birds were singing “good morning” just for me.

At work, a couple of people came and talked to me and I tried to listen well to them.  I felt like I was hearing them on a deeper level than I sometimes am able to do.  It was like I was putting my whole self into listening, like I was listening with more than my ears.

I also heard the background music in people’s offices today.  I don’t know if people usually listen to music, but I have never noticed it before today.  The funny thing was, the music was all so nice and soothing and beautiful.  As I went in and out of people’s offices, I became intrigued by each person’s choice of music.  So beautiful.

Even the sound of chicken sizzling in the pan, when I was cooking tonight, sounded special to me.  I tried to put all my love into the food I was preparing for my family and it somehow changed the sounds I was hearing.

Tonight, I had some great conversations.  Nothing huge or life-altering, but I felt like I was connecting with my family differently than usual.  My heart seemed to be open to them.  I was listening in some unusual way.

I don’t know why today was all about listening.  Maybe waking up to that loud rain opened my ears in some way.  Maybe my senses are being awakened by Spring.  Maybe I was just unusually happy and that spilled over into my listening.  Whatever the reason, I am thankful tonight for the grace of listening.


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