Cataract Surgery In The Morning

I am home tonight, tired and cranky from the long drive home from Boston.  We had a great weekend.  It was very taxing emotionally.  One good thing was that the busyness of the weekend kept my mind off of my upcoming surgery.  Tomorrow morning at 7:45, I am to report to the Surgery Center for my cataract surgery.  Everything I have heard about this surgery should make me feel confident and relaxed.  I have spoken with many people who have told me that it is easy surgery – 20 minutes and it is over.

Still, I am naturally a bit nervous about having this simple procedure done.  My biggest worry is that the doctor will be working on my right eye, which is my good eye.  My left eye cannot compensate if anything should go wrong.  Of course, nothing will go wrong.  It should all go smoothly and by tomorrow at this time I will be doing very well.  Tonight, while I sleep, I will dream peaceful dreams about the surgery and recovery going smoothly.


20 thoughts on “Cataract Surgery In The Morning

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  2. My thoughts and prayers will be with you to calm your anxiety. I too was very nervous but had the best corneal specialist performing the surgery. Even though I dont stop by as often anymore (as my new job is crazy) I want you to know you are on my mind. We have so much in common and you will be following me by having a non complicated and swift recovery on your good eye! The right one just like me!

    • Hi Pam and thank you. I am glad that your new job is going well (I hope that crazy is a good thing!). My surgery was fine and I had no need to be nervous. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hi Belinda – I’ve had cataract surgeries in both eyes – the year before last. It really has become a very simple procedure and if you follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions (which I’m sure you will) all will go well. Will be praying for you. God bless.

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